Monday, December 18, 2017

Desire to Inspire - December Farm Life - has a Challenger

We were so busy with our Holiday Progressive Dinner Party on the blog, that we didn't even have a moment to introduce the challenger for the December Desire to Inspire Challenge!

Meet Sandie Larsen, she is a quilter, crafter and bagineer from Lakewood, WA. 

Sandie Larsen

You can find her on Instagram as @crazyboutquilts and on Facebook as Sandie Larsen. She also has a blog where she keeps track of the crazy sewing life ~ with always more than one project going!  Check it out here:  

Here is a bit about her: 
My DH was in the Army for 30 years & when he retired we were stationed in Washington with two of our kids in school here; making the decision to stay was really easy!  Plus we love WA!  We have 3 children and 3 grandkiddos. Unfortunately the grands do not live near us!  My very first quilt was a farm quilt for our oldest son when he graduated from his crib to a twin bed. It will be awesome fun to play with these fabrics and make something for his youngest son. (now 16 months).  Thanks so much for the opportunity!

The fabric arrived! 

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Brenda said...

That looks like fun fabric to play with!! Bet it will make a wonderful quilt for your grandson!!! Love it!