Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wonderful HG Designer KIM DIEHL blogs for us!

It’s beginning to feel the tiniest bit like fall here in Idaho (my favorite season of the year!), and I’m happily back at home catching my breath and fuelling up on coconut mochas after teaching workshops for the Buggy Barn’s annual quilt show in Reardon, Washington. I love those girls! Both Pam and Janet have talent oozing from their fingertips, a quilt shop to die for, and they still manage to be two of the nicest and most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met.
During my visit, one of the classes I taught featured my Country Haven quilt designed using my debut line of fabrics for Henry Glass…somebody pinch me! I can’t even describe what it felt like to see block after block taking shape, with each one just a little different than the last. And for the first time EVER in one of my workshops, everyone got so caught up sewing their patchwork that we nearly forgot (gasp!) to squeeze in the appliqué.

One of the things I absolutely love about quilting is that I always seem to have little snippets and bits of leftover fabric from each of my projects. Do I throw these away? Nope! I always stash them safely in my scrap basket and rescue them for future projects. And because I’m a quiltmaker, not being able to part with 1” scraps of fabric still means that I’m considered to be delightfully normal…right?
Anyway, after finishing my Country Haven quilt I found that I had scads of perfectly good scraps on hand. Being the thrifty and frugal soul that I am, I turned these into a fun little patchwork center, added an appliquéd border, and presto! The result is a quick and easy candle mat that I call “Country Bramble”. This little 18 1/2” square quilt is a perfect way to give new life to your scraps, so I’m passing it along here for you to enjoy, too.

I wish you many happy hours of sewing, and may your seam ripper grow lonely from neglect!
Kim ~

To see more images and information about Kim Diehl and her designs you can go to her own website at Her newest line, Country Haven, is in stores now.

We also have a Free Project using this design which you can see on our website at and go to NEW FREE PROJECTS. Have Fun!

Hello from Linda Lum Debono...

Here is a snippet from Linda's own blog. To read more go to

Oh where have I been?
Hello everyone! Remember me? I am finally back in New Jersey. We have been driving around to all destinations this summer and we got back late last night. My sister and her family are visiting from Toronto the rest of this week so it will be great to end the summer this fun way. To all of you who have commented or e-mailed, I will get back to you soon! I gotta unwind and do a pile of laundry. Before I forget, run over to Bunny Hill Designs. Anne is having a scavenger hunt [so fun!]. The winner gets some of her lovely fabric.
Oh where have I been? Let's start with this last trip. I just came back from a fun trip to do a book signing at Checker Distributor in Maumee, Ohio for their 60th Anniversary Open House. Checker Distributors sells wholesale to those who have businesses in the quilting/needlework industry. What a fab group of people! Everyone from the organization to the shop owners and other designers who came were fantastic. Here's an end cap of designs and fabric from Kim Diehl and my fave group of people, Henry Glass.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank You to Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs

Hello to all of you new bloggers of Henry Glass Fabrics!! Special Thank You to Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs who has set up her very own scavenger hunt on her blog which lead you to us!

(Patterns from Anne's new line)
We thought you would all like to know about Anne Sutton's newest line...
Angel Houses is in production as we speak (or type).
The full line will be in stores January 2009

To find a local store in your area go to and then Retailers and put in your state to find out where you can buy the fabric!
We also have a NEW FREE PROJECT that is already on our website which uses Anne's Angel Houses Line.
To get the new free project- go to our website and click on NEW FREE PROJECTS and download the PDF directly onto your own computer and print.
We hope to see you back here soon where we will update you with new information on all of our wonderful Henry Glass Designers!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beth Logan's At the Lake...A New Quilt Pattern

Well, I am happy to say that our fellow Henry Glass customers are super creative and innovative. This very sweet lady, Kathy Burchill from North Dakota has designed her very own pattern and quilt using Beth Logan's fabric At the Lake. Kathy goes to her own local quilt store, Quilted Ceiling in Valley City, ND. She also teaches kids classes (with the help of her sister Linda Carico and Krista Sorensen) and some adult classes as well.

Her new quilt design is called Perry's Campfire and was designed especially for her husband who she said..."can't wait until he can take it camping".

She also says...If some do not want to go through all the applique, I included the directions with exchanging the applique panel for 2 more rows of blocks. Please email Kathy directly if you would like the directions!

If you are a creative quilter and would like to use any of our HG lines to create your own Quilt we would be more than happy to put it on our blog for other quilters to see and use! Email me at with your information and images of your personalized Quilt!

Introduction to New HG designer... Michelle Engel Bencsko

Introducing our Newest HG designer (and blogger!)... Michelle Engel Bencsko
Here is an excerpt from her latest blog...

I'd like to officially announce that I've been working with Henry Glass & Co. (ah, the secret is out!) If you'd like your local quilt shop to carry the collection (or any part of), they can contact their local rep or distributor by going to the links on the Henry Glass & Co website!! Dogwood's release for sale date is August 18th and it's due to ship in October of this year! I really encourage you to inquire, if you're truly interested.

Here is a link to her blog where you can get her latest news