Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Town for Quilts For Kids

[Click on the photo to see the full line.]

Are you ready to put on your sewing/thinking caps? We are going to have a contest! Jacquelynne Steves of The Noble Wife has designed a very fun line called Happy Town and it is just adorable if we may say so ourselves! The line will hit the shelves at your local quilt shop in January!

As you can see, the line is great for kids and it is so versatile. You can make a playmat, a quilt, pillowcases or anything you wish for that special child in your life. The most fabulous thing is that Jacquelynne is donating all of her royalties to Quilts For Kids and Henry Glass will be donating a portion to the great cause as well!

The details of the contest and submission form for you to download here.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your entries!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who Needs Powerball? We've Got A Grand Prize Winner!

Leanne Anderson of The Whole Country Caboodle

There's a lot of news about the big Powerball drawing this evening but who needs that? We've got the name of the winner of The Henry Glass Very Merry Party! Thank you all for joining in on the fun! We sure did! The winner of the grand prize giveaway is:
Lj Meyers 

Here are my guesses:
1 Leanne Anderson
2 Kari Ramsey
3 Heather Mulder Peterson
4 Shelly Comisky 
5 Mary Ellen Von Holt
6 Kim Diehl
7 Dawn Heese
8 Beth Logan
9 Delphine Cubitt 
10 Jana Nielson 
11 Liz (Lizzie B Crea8ive)
12 Beth  (Lizzie B Crea8ive)
13 Jill Finley
14 Margot Languedoc 
15 Wilma Sanchez
16 Linda Lum DeBono
17 Brenda Pinnick

The Very Merry Hop has been fun and I've enjoyed getting to know these designers and hear their stories.  They offered so many wonderful ideas, tips, patterns and projects.  

Thanks for the chance to win.
Linda (LJ) Meyers

Congratulations, Linda! Please e-mail your address to Thank you to EVERYONE for participating! 

Before we get to the answers, we wanted to mention that  Jacquelynne Steves of The Noble Wife is having a giveaway of her own. She needs your help and opinion so go and make some suggestions for her already fabulous newsletter! That got us to thinking. Do you still like blog hops? Do you have suggestions to make it a better experience for you? We've been working hard at bringing you some fun stuff on this blog since our update earlier this year. What would you like to see more of on our blog in the future? 

Kari Ramsay/Fresh Cut Quilts Pattern Co.

Heather Mulder Peterson/Anka's Treasures

Shelly Comisky

Mary Ellen Von Holt/Little Quilts

Kim Diehl

Dawn Heese/Linen Closet Quilts
Beth Logan

Delphine Cubitt

Jana Nielson/Izzy & Ivy Designs

Beth Hawkins/Lizzie B Cre8ive

 Liz Hawkins/Lizzie B Cre8ive

Jill Finley/Jillily Studios

Margot Languedoc/The Pattern Basket

Wilma Sanchez

Linda Lum DeBono

Brenda Pinnick

Was it tough to guess? Which features ended up helping you out? Did our clues help at all?
Thanks for playing along!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dawn Heese's Sentiments Sampler Quilt Catch Up!

Thank you for joining us for The Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party! We had tons of fun! The winner will be announced very soon! Stay tuned for that announcement!

We are catching up with Dawn's fabulous Sentiments Sampler Quilt. Dawn was moving and then there was a technical glitch. Our apologies! You can download Block 8 here.

How was your Thanksgiving? We ate and ate and ate. It's not too soon to start the resolutions is it? The holidays are coming quickly. What do you have on your sewing/quilting related wish list?

This quilt is coming together quite nicely and we can't wait to see your versions soon!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Hints For You!

Designer #13 loves snowflakes!

We have the remaining hints for you! Please go back to Day 1 of our 
hop to read the details of the grand giveaway! Good luck!

Designer #14 loves to give handmade gifts!

Designer #15 loves cookie cutters!

Designer #16 has a great collection of pretty glass ornaments!

Designer #17 was just reminded what it was like to be 2 years old!

Remember to make your guesses and submit them to!

Good luck and thank you for submitting!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Very Merry Holiday Hints Part #2

Did the hints help you yesterday? We've put together more hints for you for the next batch of photos. We can't wait to see the entries and your guesses! Make sure that you read the post from day 1 for the details of the giveaway. Some of our designers' giveaways are still going on too! Good luck! 

Dawn's pattern will be posted up in a while so come back later today for the add. NOTE: Dawn will be getting the pattern to us in the next day or so. She's moving this week. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks!

We wonder what style of tree Designer #7 will choose this year? 
Is there anything that beats pink ornaments?

Designer #8, our jiggly desserts will never have the same meaning for us. 
Your grandpa was the coolest guy!

Designer #9, you are so fine in your bonnet. We want to travel to North Wales with you! 
Can we be an honorary uncle?

Designer #10, look at those cheeks and dimples! You are still adorable as ever!
We think that pink poodles definitely have a place at the holidays!

We wonder how long Designer #11 has known Designer #12?

We wonder how long Designer #12 has known Designer #11?

Kelly Lamb are you reading this post? You have won a small bundle of fabric for being friend #700 on our Facebook page! [Giveaway not affiliated with Facebook. It's just us being thankful!] Please send your info here.

Happy guessing! 


Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party Hints I

Has it been tough to guess these baby photographs? Ok, except for Linda Lum  DeBono's photo, the rest were tough. If you looked closely though, there were some little things that could give you a hint.

Thanks to the fabulous designers for writing some great posts and for designing some awesome patterns! There are a few giveaways on their blogs. Please read through all of the posts. You can find the links on this post. Once you have collected all of your guesses, please forward them to by November 25 at midnight. Good luck!

Today you are here to get some hints. Here is The Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party Hints Post Part I! The hints are taken from the designers' posts for The Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party. 

Designer #1
We wonder if she shared her cookies and particularly the frosting with her brother.

Designer #2
Don't forget to say happy birthday to her in December!

Designer #3
She is going to have an extra special Christmas this year! 
It is going to be a start of some new traditions and new favorites. 

Designer #4
Santa's visit is so fun and Aunt Judy loves it too!

Designer #5
You look like an angel!

Designer #6
We wonder if she's going to sew us a little pillow. 
Do we qualify as her "quilting" friends?

We hope that these clues help you ... or not. They may confuse you even more. Well, get busy! There are 17 photos in all.

Good luck! 


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 7: The Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party!

Thank you for visiting The Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party! Today is the last day and we cannot believe it! We have a huge post today! We are rolling out the baby photographs! If you come back in the next couple of days, we will give you some HINTS! If you are brave and want to guess all on your own, please do!

Make sure that you read this entire post today! We have a fabulous guest blogger and she's got an awesome post for you! The equally fabulous llustrator Brenda Pinnick and Lizzie B Cre8ive ladies are posting today too!

For our grand prize giveaway of a huge bundle of fabric, we are going to post a baby/child photo of the designers and you'll have to collect your guesses. The winner will also receive a small gift from each of the participatiing designers. From November 18-25, 2012 you can submit your guesses to A winner will be chosen randomly from all of the entries. The winner will be announced on November 26, 2012. Good luck!

Kim Diehl has put together an awesome holiday post for you and we are delighted to share this beautiful post with you!

Welcome to my home!  Here in Idaho we’ve already had a dusting of snow (actually, a couple of dustings) so I’m REALLY ready to embrace the holiday season and fill my house with some homemade goodness. 

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is grab a coconut mocha, visit the produce and floral departments of my grocery store, and see what little seasonal things grab me to help make my home feel all holiday-ish. I love it when I discover my next centerpiece waiting on aisle 6 in the midst of the lettuce and tomatoes! 

And while I’m in a decorating frame of mind, I always grab some fresh cranberries for stringing…my daughters and I have strung miles and miles of cranberries onto perle cotton using size 5 embroidery needles, and these are so pretty draped from chandeliers and around your tree. It’s a fun and super easy project to do together with your kids, and it makes for some great memories – my daughters still love reminding me how I used to run a “cranberry stringing sweat shop” at Christmastime when they were little, but they say it with a smile on their faces. And I always paid them well with home baked goodies.

I have the best time decorating so my home for the holidays, and I especially love using things that aren’t intended to be seasonal…like vintage bowls, boxes, and jars that I already have on hand.  Sometimes the most unlikely containers are the most fun to use. What could be better than a rusty box filled with fruit and greens?

Maybe…..a rusty box filled with fruit and greens, sitting on a quilt! This is my “Christmas Magic” quilt from my Simple Seasons book. I break this quilt out every year for the holidays – and I really like that it has snowmen on it because I can use it all winter long, and not just for Christmas.

Here’s another tabletop in my home that’s all decked out for the holidays. This little “Candy Dish” mini quilt was made using scraps from my new Garden Grove collection of fabrics. The pattern can be downloaded for free by visiting the Good Clean Fun page of my website, or using this quick link:

And here’s one more little holiday space in my home.  This vintage coffee pot belonged to my grandma and it feels so Christmasy filled with bundles of greenery and red flowered sprigs, especially  sitting on a holiday quilt with a little patchwork cat. The quilt is “Frost on the Windowpane” from my Simple Seasons book, and the patchwork cat was whipped together using leftover quilt blocks and the “Catty Wampus” pillow pattern in my Simple Charm book. These little pillows are fast and easy to make, and I love that they let you put your orphan blocks to good use.  I’ve given them to my quilting friends as Christmas presents in years past…try tying them together in bundles of three with a ribbon, and they are adorable!

Since this is the time of year when we all like to hang out in our sewing rooms and dive into some holiday stitching, I thought it would be nice to offer you a second free project for our blog hop – a mini version of the “Winter” quilt project that I designed for my Hearthside Seasons fabric line (due in quilt shops this coming April).

Just click on the links provided below to download the free project directions and appliqué patterns.
You can download the pattern here and the applique templates here.

Since this is just a quick sneak peek at the Hearthside Seasons prints to come next spring, you could easily substitute the rich colors in my new Garden Grove collection of prints with the same great results, or even raid your scrap basket.  Shhhh!! It’ll be our secret!

My mother taught me it’s always better to give than receive, so I’m giving someone (maybe you?) a copy of my brand new Homestyle Quilts book (co-written with my technical editor and friend, Laurie Baker) and my Simply Beautiful Quilts 2013 calendar. 

To be entered to win, please leave me a quick comment before midnight, EST, on Tuesday, November 20th, and tell me your favorite holiday dish that you serve (or maybe someone else serves it and you just love to eat it!).  Mine?  Definitely cornbread stuffing! Swimming in gravy!!

Be sure to visit the blogs of my lovely and talented fellow designers Brenda Pinnick  and LizzieBCreative today to complete this year’s Henry Glass Holiday Blog Hop…

I think it’s been an awesome and inspiring week!
Have the happiest of holidays,
Kim ~

We hope that you've enjoyed this party. You still have time to visit each of the designers' blogs for some giveaways. There are a couple of posts here on our blog so please scroll back and go through all of them!

Henry Glass Fabrics would like to thank our amazing designers for this awesome party and for letting us share their artistic vision with you through fabric.

Happy holidays.