Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Desire to Inspire Challenger, Mona Phelps makes this Rhyming collection sing!

Meet Mona Phelps, the challenger who took on our September Desire to Inspire Challenge.


Mona had less than a month, since as you recall, Labor Day weekend took up the first few days. So she put in a race to the finish line for completing the September challenge. 

This month the featured fabrics were from Delphine Cubitt's Bed Time Rhymes collection which has started shipping to quilt shops in September. 

Mona Phelps

Hear from Mona:

I live in Versailles, a small town in central Kentucky (pronounced "Ver-Sales"). It's a lovely area with gorgeous horse farms. I was born and raised here and love the small-town feel. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 25 years and we have 2 children - both of whom are taking a year off from school: my daughter before going to grad school and my son before going to college. We also have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a turtle. We like to take the dogs for walks, watch movies, volunteer at church, and just hanging out with each other.
Mona received the fabrics! 

My quilting journey... when I was young (maybe 10 or 12), I hand quilted a pillow cover. I then proceeded to stuff the pillow so tightly that you couldn't see the quilting. I was very disappointed. Fast forward 30-ish years to last fall... I started sewing to make items for a craft fair. I made key fobs and lip balm key rings. After the craft fair, my interest in sewing different types of items grew - baby bibs and spit-up cloths, pillow cases, scarves, and more. As I searched the internet for easy patterns for beginners, I came across a quilt design using a jelly roll. I decided to give it a try - and was hooked!

Panel Quilt

Through this process, I realized how therapeutic sewing could be. The thought of taking a stack of fabric, cutting it apart, putting it back together, and making something completely different than what it was originally amazes me. The process is a sanity-saver.

Gift bags!

I searched the internet and watched a lot of videos to learn how to quilt. The church where I work has a prayer shawl ministry. I made my first quilt for them. Since that point, I have made 6 completed quilts and several other quilt tops. I've used that information to make handbags, totes, pouches, and much more.


I follow several quilters on instagram (where I get most of my inspiration) and tend toward more modern quilting than traditional quilt design. I have started a blog at to share both my family's and my creative side. My instagram ( is where I share most of my creations, though.

Pot holder 

Thank you to Henry Glass & Co. for the opportunity to play with some of your fabrics. One things I really like about this line is that even though the fabrics are geared toward children, you can create items that are for all ages.

Key Fob

Showing off the cute backside

Please comment on this blog post to show Mona how much you appreciate her work in this challenge! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Desire to Inspire - Call for October challenger with Hop To It by Shelly Comiskey

Feel like hopping down the bunny trail this fall? We are looking for a challenger for our monthly Desire to Inspire feature. You will get all the fabric shown here to make whatever your bunny heart desires, and at the end of October you simply send us the pictures of your projects to post on this blog. 
You get to keep all your projects! 

Are you ready to make something great with this adorable fabric during the month of October? Let us know!  

1. Put your name and some of your past project pictures in an email to 

2. We will select a lucky winner and send you the fabrics shown above.  

3. You make something AWESOME during the month of October, 
and send us pictures and your story.

4. WE post it. YOU keep it.

We would like to have challengers show us they can meet the challenge, so please send a picture or two of projects you have completed or tell us things you have done. Give us SOMETHING so we can rest assured you can do this!!! Even great ideas count! Please do your best to stand out, and you will have a great chance of being selected

This adorable collection by Shelly Comiskey of Simply Shelly Designs is scheduled for delivery to quilt shops in November. Here is a picture of the full collection: 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - 6 pc Plain & Simple bundle by Color Principle

Color Principle has done it again with a collection that is suitable for framing or sewing. 

The collection is based around this beautiful panel print that is the heart of the grouping, this image is at home as a home-decor image or as the center of a beautiful quilt. The panel is not included in the giveaway bundle but 6 of the coordinating prints are included. 

You can search out the Plain & Simple Collection in November when it reaches a quilt shop near you, or you can put your name in the hat by commenting below to win this giveaway. 


Here is the whole collection.. and here is a link to see it on our website.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - 7 pc. bundle of Twilight Garden by Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs

This week's bundle is a 7-pc. selection from among the collection of Twilight Garden by Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs. Mary Jane's styling is often of the romantic bent, but in this collection she taps into the gentle romance with those of us who happen to love purple. Partnered in this collection with soft blues and creams it seems like the perfect dream of a perfect quilt. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - 6 pc. bundle of "Good Sports" collection by Marie Cole.

"Good Sports" by Marie Cole has a great message for kids, be a good sport in all you do, which is the theme in this super cute collection. Here you will find cute little monkeys that play a variety of sports. This collection also has a fabric book where the story of good sportsmanship is shared.

Here is the whole collection:

Friday, September 8, 2017

Meet the September Desire to Inspire Challenger - Mona Phelps

September's Challenger

Meet this month's challenger for Desire to Inspire with Bed Time Rhymes by Delphine Cubitt.

Her name is Mona Phelps from Versailles, Kentucky.
She has really just jumped into quilting recently after a life time of loving crafts of all kinds. She also has a blog over at:

We wish Mona the best success for the month, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with for her projects at the end of September!

Mona Phelps
Her package of fabric arrives!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Let's Get Quilting -8 pc bundle of Let's Build by Nidhi Wadhwa

Let's Build is a great collection for busy young minds who are excited to see the tools of trade and how they work. This is a picture of the full collection of Let's Build by Nidhi Wadhwa.

The collection also features a panel of heavy equipment machines as friendly characters who build!

Use the entry form below to get points toward your entry. The more entries, the better chances to win!