Saturday, December 30, 2017

December's Desire to Inspire Challenger Shows Off "Farm Life"

Sandie Larsen

Farm Life Fabric Arrival

A note from Sandie:

Oh I had so much fun with this!!

I made snack mats, soft bowls for small snacks, and zipper snack bags for taking along on day trips. I'm sorry if my pix are a little dark~ it is freezing here, dark, gloomy and the ground is covered with snow & ice, so I couldn't go outdoors for pix. :-/

I drew an image of the barn on freezer paper from the barn on the fabric for the snack mats. 
Then to hold the bias tape in place while I sewed, I used a double sided fusible tape. It worked great!  (pix 295 and 297)

I placed all the pieces on the batting, adding a backing and then quilted around the barn, barn doors & silo. I did organic wavy lines through the barn.  The little chick fabric made the cute binding.  The bowls are a smaller version of those microwave bowl cozies you see on-line, but I did not use microwave batting. I wanted these to be for my DGS in his high chair, they could be placed around a bowl, but they could also just be used for snacks~ gold fish, crackers, carrots etc. No harm done if he tosses his bowl! LOL (I was having such fun I forgot to take more photos!)

The zipper bags are all lined with rip-stop nylon. I did a lot of on-line research and found it is safe to use for food and many families have been using it for years. I guess I am just a little behind the times! LOL  I put grommets in the larger bags so they could be attached to a stroller or back pack. There are no exposed seams on the inside for any of the bags.  I didn't have any patterns, just made up the sizes as I went along. ;-)

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I enjoyed every minute behind my machine and dreaming about what to make. I know this is a very busy time of year-- I did oodles of Christmas sewing, but I often found myself playing around with these cute fabrics instead of doing the projects I should have finished. LOL Luckily I did get everything done I planned to do. I will be posting my Christmas sewing on my blog as time permits.

Happy New Year!

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Lisa Marie said...

I love what Sandie has done with these fabrics, so cute!

Kim said...

These projects look like sew much fun! Awesome job Sandie!

The Quilted B said...

So very cute Sandie - I loved the fabric as soon as I saw it but am totally in love with what you did with it!

WoolenSails said...

Love all the fun projects that Sandie did.


Janie said...

How fun! Everything looks great.

Jeanne said...

When I saw the fabrics Sandie received I was perplexed as to what I would do with them. Sandie came up with the perfect solution. You're so talented and creative, Sandie. GREAT JOB!

Danette said...

These projects turned out so cute! And very usable, too!

Sherry said...

I am a bit late taking a look at all of the fun projects Sandie made from this great fabric. Great ideas, so creative.