Thursday, January 29, 2009

Excerpt from Barbara Jones' blog from QuiltSoup

Okay. I am trying something new that I don't know much about. That Anne Sutton over at Bunny Hill made a movie about her new fabric which raised the bar for the rest of the HG designers! I am not as techno-savvy as Anne but have lots of grandkids! There's more than one way to make a quilt block you know!
I asked my granddaughter to make me a little movie of the swatches in our Bubblegum Basics line. She has done that and now I am uploading it to this blog. Didn't work. Of course it wouldn't be quite that easy. Grumble, grumble. Will try again.I have taken a new approach. Just because I can't figure out how to post the movie doesn't mean I can't make a new one of my own... (Tick tock, there goes another hour or four). Oh yeah, and just because I am such an expert, I think I will add music too!Well that didn't exactly work too well. I am nothing if not perseverant!!! (after all it's only time and I am so far behind now that what difference does a few more hours make? WooHoo!!
Success at last! I am a multi-media genius! As you watch the video and listen to the music, you can read the blocks from my cute panel that will give you an idea of what I did or thought or said as I experienced this new adventure. Hope you have fun.Why should I be the only one having all this fun? Why not give you the link so you too can make your own movie? Just keep an eye on the clock! Oh yeah...thanks Anne for broadening my horizons!
Go to to see the full line of Barbara Jones' Bubble Gum Basics. We also have a great FREE PROJECT too!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bev Proulx- HG designer....blogs for us!

I am ready for tropical prints and Hawaiian muu-muus! We had four days with below zero temperatures last week, and I am ready to change my quilting plans, that is for sure! Something in winter sets our design plans toward a cheeryspring. I taught two four-hour color confidence seminars last week during the cold. The quilters were so happy to discover that the warmth of red added so much pizzazz to their color choices. The sun reflected off the snow through large windows at the shop, and the lights changed everyone's perceptions regarding color. One of the most interesting of their discoveries is that they can indeed use 1930s reproductions and create a light-medium-dark palette for a quilt of many fabrics. What a pleasure it was for me to watch their color growth as each hour passed!

I do find myself wishing I was heading off to warmer climes forjust a few days. I know, however, many other quilters are housebound in these times and looking for new and exciting quilting and fabric ideas. As we spend a little money at several shops, let us select fabrics that excite our possibilities as we plan our future quilting efforts! Let us support our shops that provide us with the wonderful creativity we all need! I am eager to finalize my next line for Henry Glass & Co. We should have it in the pipeline soon. I will keep you posted as things progress. I know you will love the new novelty and floral prints! Meanwhile, keep quilting and using my Henry Glass fabrics. Happy New Year! Bev Proulx
To see Bev's current line Pocketful of Posies (Authentic Prints from the 1930's) go to She will have a new line Posies Galore coming out soon! Stay tuned for a preview....
Happy Quilting!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

HG Designer Kim Diehl blogs for YOU!

It’s snowing and blowing…and blowing and snowing. Lately, this is ALL it seems to do here in Idaho as I’ve been longing for spring and missing my beautiful flower gardens.
Of course, I’ve mostly been experiencing the snowing and blowing from the comfort of my nice warm house, because while I would have normally been knee-deep in all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, unexpected vertigo issues have kept me close to home. It seems that when you’re temporarily a dizzy broad, operating a moving vehicle is somewhat frowned upon. In my opinion, this is being overly nit-picky, but there you have it.

Anyway, the really great thing about being under “house arrest” is that it leaves you with all sorts of time on your hands for designing, quilting, and cooking; basically, all my favorite things done to my heart’s content in a totally guilt-free environment. I love being dizzy!

In the area of design, I’ve been wrapping up my Simple Comforts book for its May release, and I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on my new Molly’s Meadow fabric collection for HG, which is scheduled to arrive in quilt shops this April. Inspired by (you guessed it!) my favorite theme of nature and flowers, this line is named for my youngest daughter. These prints have lots of rich color and texture, and I’ve used the scrap basket approach that I love so much in designing them.

Best of all, when they’re used as a collection, these prints completely take the guesswork out of choosing fabrics for your own scrap quilts! Honestly, I feel a little bit like a kid at Christmas while I’m waiting for these to arrive, because I think the quilt for this line is just so dang cute.

Oh, and remember all of the sewing time I mentioned? I returned to my roots and treated myself to some hand-sewing time over the holidays because hey, I sure wasn’t going anywhere, and I whipped out this new quilt project – all the while sipping coconut mochas and wearing my favorite warm woolies. How sinfully decadent is that? Pieced and hand appliquéd from both cotton and wool, it will be available through my workshops when I begin this year’s travel schedule. And I may be visiting your local quilt guild or even your favorite quilt shop soon – if you check my schedule at, you might find that we’ll be crossing paths in the very near future!

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, cooking! I made the yummiest soup the other day while the snow was flying… yet again. The aromas wafting from the kitchen while I worked in my sewing room made the whole house smell delicious. And, I was able to sew while I “cooked” – bonus! This recipe was so easy and tasty that I thought some of you might enjoy giving it a whirl, so here it is:


6 slices of peppered bacon, cut into 1/2” pieces
1 medium onion, diced
4 cans (6.5-ounces) of minced clams, including juice
5 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into a large dice
1 stalk of celery, thinly sliced
1 can (15-ounces) of whole kernel corn, drained
3 cups of chicken broth
3 teaspoons of salt
1/4 teaspoon of pepper
3 cups of fat-free half and half
4 rounded tablespoons of cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon of dried parsley

Sauté bacon and onion in a skillet until golden brown; drain fat. Add to a large Crockpot with all remaining ingredients except half and half, cornstarch, and parsley; stir together. Cover and cook on the high setting until potatoes are tender, about three hours. Whisk together cornstarch and half and half; pour into Crockpot mixture, stirring gently to mix well. Add parsley. Cover and continue cooking on high heat, stirring occasionally, until warmed through and thickened, about 30 to 45 minutes. Serve with toasted English muffins or a loaf of crusty bread. Enjoy!

For more information about Kim check out her website at

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup...update from her blog

Got the winter doldrums? We are heading to sunny Southern California and the Road to California Quilt Show on January 15-18, 2009. Why don’t you meet us there? I am a big fan of this event. The people are terrific and we always have a great time. We are teaching a Learn to Needleturn appliqué class on Friday and Saturday night and have been getting gift bags together for our students. All I can tell you is that they will be very spoiled!!!! Look for photos on our blog If you are attending “Road” stop by and say hello. If you have made one of our quilts, please bring it by for show and tell.
Bubblegum Basics”, our new fabric line for Henry Glass and Co. is almost here! We have received strike-offs and are anxiously awaiting our yardage. We have some very fun ideas in mind. You can see the entire collection online at

The recipe box needs replenishing. Submit your best soup recipe by January 30, 2009. We will also accept entries in person at Road to California. We will put your name and recipe in the hat and draw 3 winners on Feb 1. You might just win a little free fabric!
The soup recipe this time is a Hamburger Vegetable Tortellini Soup.
New Year’s Resolutions? I plan to update the blog on a regular basis (I have done a pitiful job so far) and slim myself down a little bit. Now that I have publicity committed to do these things, it should be a snap, right?!!!!!!
Until next time,

Friday, January 9, 2009

Designer Michelle Engel Bencsko blogs

Michelle Engel Bencsko—one of our very own HG designers wrote a blog especially for YOU lovely Henry Glass fabric followers! Scroll down to the bottom for her website and contact info!

So, how excited am I?! Dogwood is finally released and in my mind, the only other thing on earth I have been this anxious for was the birth of my sons. So, I exaggerate a little... the point is, I'm impatient and thought the day would never come. Then it got delayed, and I got more anxious and now it's here and I'm happy. See Larry? :)

I have been designing print patterns for nearly 15 years now, most of which for the not-so-glamorous mens and boys boxer industry. It was a living... a good one, but not very self-fulfilling, if you can imagine. This past September I finally quit my day job to work for myself and make patterns I actually like- and would use! My company name is Cicada Studio. It's a small, independent company and under this tent I do exclusive designs on linen/cotton blends as well as paper products and gift items and I even toss in some graphic design on the side. While, it's lovely to do my own work for my own company, I can't really express how exciting it was to design a collection for the world-wide quilt market and cater to a slightly different customer, thus branching my budding business goals and filling my mind with all sorts of creative ideas.

Is it OK that I admit I'm not a quilter? I do sew- more for home decorating and smaller crafty projects. And I do appreciate quilts and quilting a lot. I am literally amazed at the skills of people like you, who can take pieces of fabric, sew them together, make stunning and intricate designs that flow, move, communicate and inspire. Pieces that are loved and cuddled or hung and probably handed down from one generation to the next... It was important to me to balance what was necessary for you as well as what would feel right to me. And guess what? I have actually designed a quilt! And you can make it, just like the talented lady who is making mine for me, LOL.

When I began the process of designing Dogwood, I really took heed to what Karen, Design Director at HG, was trying to teach me about the balance, scale and content of the work and how it will play into the quilter's design. Merchandising is really an important factor in creating almost any line, and because I've done that for other markets I suddenly realized how much I can draw on that experience for this project. Armed with a new perspective and confidence, I set out to make quilt-worthy patterns that would mesh with my vision, home and aesthetic. I've already made some small projects here and there with my initial samples of Dogwood: like these cute little tote bags, a retro-inspired apron (tute available on my blog) and this adorable little stuffed elephant who still needs his butt sewn up, poor thing (tute coming soon). I have more plans.. more plans than time, it seems. Already, we're working on my next HG collection and hopefully I won't pass out from anxiety while we wait!

I hope you'll be as inspired to work with Dogwood, as I was in creating it! I've got a snazzy little Flickr group going for those of you who would like to share projects with me. Please do hurry, because I'm feeling lonely in there all by myself. The fabric just hit the stores, so you can rush right out and buy some. No pressure or anything...

It's been a pleasure to write for the HG blog- until next time!

Shop Cicada Studio-