Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Desire to Inspire August - Looking for a Challenger!

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life. Now imagine what shoe fabric can do? "Shoe Love is True Love" by Kate Mawdsley is a 9-SKU collection featuring shoes, accessories, sunglasses, leopard, zebra, and more! PLUS there's a FREE quilt project available to download on our site! Ships in August 2019.
In this month's Desire to Inspire Challenge, the winner will receive this collection to make something great. The caveat is... it MUST BE made in the month of August, and pictures of your finished project(s) must be provided to us by the end of the month. Along with your picture and bio, too, of course. 

Are you ready to take on this challenge? 

Send an email to to put your name in the hat!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Desire to Inspire - July Challenger - Meet Karen Capellman

Meet Karen Capellman- She took on the challenge of using "Winter Whimsy” by Simply Shelly Designs in the month of July 2019.

I am Karen Capellman and currently live in Virginia’s serene Shenandoah Valley with my loving and supportive husband of 36 years.  Steeped in history as far back as the late 1700s, with architecture still standing from that period on, I love exploring and discovering rural tiny villages and towns in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland on our Harley.  Fields, where cattle, horses, alpacas, donkeys, and sheep roam, are all around us.  Rustic old barns, wildflowers and gnarly old trees dot the grassy countryside.

Mother of two grown children, we have a son and his wife who live in Austin, Texas, and a daughter and her husband who live three minutes away.  My daughter and her husband will soon be moving to England and we are excited for them.  When we all get together, we play board games, cards, and love to go on vacations with them and their spouses.  My husband served in the USAF for 20 years where we spent the majority of the time overseas in Japan and Germany. Originally from California’s beautiful historic Sacramento Valley, I learned to swim in a lake very early at two years of age, climbed tall oak trees and rode horses.  I also learned to read at two years of age.  I attended community college in Saratoga, California and received my BA from San Francisco State University (SFSU).  After receiving my teaching credential from SFSU, I worked as a Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DODDS) elementary school teacher.  I retired early to be a stay-at-home mom, and to pursue sewing, quilting, organic gardening, cooking, and health.

When I was nine years old, my mother taught me how to embroider and sew on a vintage black Necchi sewing machine.  While growing up, and even as a teenager, I embroidered sweaters, jeans, jean shorts, and homemade jean purses.  My great aunt was the quilter (I am the proud owner of two of her quilts made in the ’30s and ’40s), and my grandmother was an embroiderer. (I have some of her embroidered blocks to make something with).  My other grandmother was a seamstress and loved to sew fancy beads on evening dresses, dyeing her shoes and handbags to match. I am a self-taught quilter, and after 27 years, I still love to learn new techniques - I have been told I am fearless.  I don’t worry about mistakes, I have plenty of fabric.  I enjoy experimenting with different color palettes, challenging myself, designing my own quilts and have twice participated in sew-alongs.  Although I am rather eclectic regarding quilt styles, I really love modern, traditional and improv style quilts.  I am looking forward to designing and appliqueing a quilt in the near future.  I would also like to try Kantha stitches on a future project.  The culture and surroundings in the Shenandoah Valley inspire me every day, and I am always curating new fabrics and designing new quits to satisfy my need to create and express myself.

At the quilt museum in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I had the great pleasure to meet and view Pat Sloan’s amazing quilts.  I shared a few pictures of my quilts with her, and she encouraged me to join Instagram and share my work.  I thought about it for a while, a bit timid, and finally joined the wonderful quilting community.  I was blessed to find a community of caring men and women who share my passion for quilting and being creative.  Through the generous and knowledgeable people on Instagram, I discovered many new techniques and learned to think of color placement in a different manner.  As a result, I am a better quilter and continue to learn and grow with each quilt.  I hope I encourage and inspire others as well.
Karen's Projects That She Made with the "Winter Whimsy" Collection




Winter Whimsy Quilt #1

Monday, July 29, 2019

Get Quilting - Hocus Pocus Bundle Giveaway

"Hocus Pocus" by City Art Studio will surely put a spell on you! Get a head start on your Halloween decor with this 13-SKU collection featuring 24" x 44" panel. This line includes two FREE projects, a wall hanging, and a table set of placemats.⁣ IN QUILT SHOPS NOW!

Hocus Pocus Table Set

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Get Quilting - Home is Best Bundle Giveaway

Janet Rae Nesbitt's, "One Crazy Sister Club II" premieres in January 2020. In celebration of the upcoming launch, we are giving away a FREE bundle of her fabric. Make sure to read the entire blog post for more details on One Crazy Sister Club II.

Giveaway Details

Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams. Add a little comfort to your quaint space with "Home is Best" by Janet Rae Nesbitt. Featuring beautiful yarn stripes, tonals, and more. Additionally, there is one FREE quilt project available for download. IN QUILT SHOPS NOW!

Home is Best Quilt #1

Additional Club Details

Have you signed up your quilt shop to join "One Crazy Sister Club II" from Janet Rae Nesbitt? Premiering in January 2020, here is a sneak peek of the eight free small quilt patterns exclusively designed by Janet that will be available to club members only.

Featuring the "Best of Days" Collection by Janet Rae Nesbitt

Open Hearted - 24" x 24"

Spooling Around - 42" x 42"

In Full Bloom - 33" x 33"

Watch Over Me - 27" x 27"

Cats Are Angels Too - 31" x 31"

Hole in the Barn Door - 31-1/2" x 31-1/2"

How Does Your Garden Grow - 42" x 58"

Now I Know My ABC's 30" x 36" 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Get Quilting - Road Trip Bundle Giveaway

The Road Trip collection was inspired by the true friendship and the camaraderie of BFFs. Their laugh-out-loud attitudes show in each adventure. Grabbing a gal pal and racing off to a spontaneous holiday, these gals are all about fun – who wouldn’t be? This 18 piece collection is perfect for all your projects or gifting quilts to your favorite girlfriends! IN QUILT SHOPS NOW!

Road Trip Quilt #1

Road Trip Quilt #2

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Get Quilting - Ric Rac Paddywack Bundle Giveaway

We're throwing it back with "Ric Rac Paddywack" by Kim Diehl. It’s whimsical and fun- featuring buttons, squiggles, zigzags, and gingham.⁣ IN QUILT SHOPS NOW!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Get Quilting- Indigo Cottage Bundle Giveaway

The “Indigo Cottage” collection by Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs is like a leisurely stroll through the English countryside. Designs in the collection provide a variety of size and spacing. The panel evokes a sense of romance. The artistry includes thatched roof cottages and flowered hearts. Perfect for a little embroidery in your project. They mix, match and blend to create beautiful quilted creations. The Palette blends together with hues of indigo, royal, chambray, and white. Additionally, there are two FREE quilt projects (Quilt #1 and Quilt # 2). IN QUILT SHOPS NOW!

Indigo Cottage Quilt #1

Indigo Cottage Quilt #2

Monday, July 1, 2019

Get Quilting - Land That I Love Bundle Giveaway

"Land That I Love" by Color Principle is a 12-SKU Patriotic Collection featuring swirling stars, bunting stripes, bandana stars, and patriotic words. PLUS there is also a 36" banner panel and two FREE quilt projects (a quilt and a wreath).⁣ IN QUILT SHOPS NOW!

Land That I Love Quilt #1

Land That I Love Wreath