Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 3: Anni Downs and Linda Lum DeBono!

We are having so much fun on this Summer Party! Invite your family and friends to join in on the fun! We have a bit of business to clear up first. Cindy from Columbia, Tennessee was our winner for Delphine's giveaway. Congratulations!

Today we our special designers are Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched and Linda Lum DeBono.

Anni Downs

Best vacation spot:
Because we live in the country (a fair distance from the beach), my family and I LOVEV to visit the beach at every opportunity we can. We love going to Durras Lakes and Huskisson - two great beach towns on the south coast of New South Wales (NSW) which are relatively free of too many tourists. Nothing better than a little solitude, looking out at a great expanse of water with the roar of the waves in your ears ...

Ahhhh, feeling warmer already. BRING SUMMER ON! (as you probably know, it is WINTER here in Australia). I love walking along the beach, poking around in rock pools searching for crabs and shellfish. I once found a baby octopus! I also LOVE lazing in the sun with a good book and maybe an ice cream in hand. Ahhhh ...

There are also great national parks around the area so a few bush walks usually happen ... just to walk off all those ice creams! : )

Favorite summer drink:
Very boring. I just love icey cold water. How sad is that? I need to get a little more adventurous with drink.

Favorite ice cream:
Now here is where my interest lies. Ha! Ha! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cookies & cream ice cream. There's nothing more delightful than the squashy pieces of biscuit to eat at the same time as slurping on the ice cream. Yummo!

Best vacation spot:
We love to go to Canada to visit family in the summer. My other favorite trips in the summer were Hawaii and a trip to Washington, DC, Annapolis, MD and Rehoboth/Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Favorite summer drink:
Frozen drinks such as frozen lemonade and frozen mango drinks. I do like a cooler once in a while.

Favorite ice cream:
I don't have a very favorite because I prefer Italian ices. On occasion I do dig a good ice cream. It is all dependent upon my mood but I like butter pecan, strawberry (with real strawberries), vanilla bean, and cherry. My current handmade favorite is white gold. It's got white chocolate chunks, butterscotch and walnuts. I do like to have ice cream in a cup and pour a bit of milk in it so that it crystalizes. Yum! Yum!

Studio notes:
My book, Sew Merry and Bright, has been published. I've been working hard on the Sew Merry and Bright book tour. For those of you who are new here, some of the giveaways are still going on. Go and check out the posts here, here, here, here, and here.

I have been working on a new website and it should be up very soon. Stay tuned. It's going to be fun.

Thanks, Anni and Linda!
For today's question, what is your favorite summer drink? Leave a comment here for this question. You have a chance to enter all of the Henry Glass Summer Party giveaways on this blog only [does not include any individual designer giveaways] up until midnight, August 10, 2012.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 2: HG Summer Party with Jill Finley and Barbara Jones

Today we have Barbara Jones of  QuiltSoup and Jill Finley of Jillily Studios.

Jill Finley
Jillily Studio
Best Vacation Spot:
Looking back at our vacations, I really don't have a favorite spot. The thing that makes a great vacation is who you are with. Being with my family is what makes me happy. Even if I was to go somewhere really exotic and awesome, I would be wishing I could share it with my family. That being said, we have been to some wonderful places: We had a family cabin in Schofield, Utah that waas awesome fun. For several years we made an annual trip to Yellowstone; We went to New York to see the sights and some shows and Washington, DC was a wonderful patriotic trip. The Zion, Arches and Bryce Canyon National Parks are unmatched and a ranch in southern Utah was our vacation spot many times; So you see, I guess I like variety ... and the company!
Favorite summer drink:
I love a root beer float. (It is even better if the root beer is home made. I haven't done that for a while, but I should!) I love how the ice cream gets kind of melty and root beer ice crystals stick to it. Then the root beer gets creamy and yummy. We can make these at home, but it sure is simple to drive (at least weekly) throught the drive-up window in the summer time!
Favorite ice cream flavor:
Anything with chocolate in it. If it is not chocolate, what is the point? Why waste calories on something not chocolate? Add caramel, nuts, brownie pieces, hot fudge, but be sure it has chocolate in it!

I am having a fun summer. We just moved into our new home, so I have been busy setting up the new studio space. It seems to me that no matter how big you make your space, you will always need more, so I am working on storage solutions for my studio. You may be able to use some of these tips in your space.

I have one closet in my room, so I am using it to store bulky and ugly stuff - like all the shipping boxes, UFO bins and such. Then I am using the built-in shelving for FABRIC.

I want to be able to see the fabrics that I have, and they are so pretty to look at. I have bolts in one section and the other section is for cut yardage. My bolts are soon going to be used up in kits to make room for my new line of bolts from Beyond The Gate. This line will be in shops in September.

I used to have the cut yardage (stash) in a closed cupboard but it was so hard to see what I had, and it was always messy from pulling out pieces in the stacks. So I decided to use wire baskets.

They are good because you can easily see what's in them, and you can pull them down individually instead of disrupting the whole stash. Instead of stacking the cut pieces from the bottom up, I folded them and stacked them vertically so I can see all the pieces when I look into the bin.

That way they will always look neat from the front too. (Theorectically.) I still have quite a bit left in my stash to fold, so I will need to get more baskets and move the books to under my ironing station, but it's a start.

If you want to see the whole studio, com to my open house> I am hosting an Open House to celebrate the new studio and my new book release for Home Sweet Quilt published by Martingale. Those of you who are in my area can swing on by to enjoy the free demos, food, book signing and home tour. Of course I will have all the book projects displayed in various rooms and famous people will be here to demo techniques from the book!
If you don't live nearby, read more about setting up the rest of the studio on my blog, Jillily Studios.

Barbara Jones

Best Vacation Spot:
Santa Barbara because my grandkids are nearby, the weather is superb and the community is an interesting mix of old and new.

Favorite summer drink:
Arnold Palmer al fresco

Favorite ice cream flavor:
Strawberry! I don't care for chocolate at all but love berries and a rich strawberry blended with vanilla beans is my idea of heaven. Peach ice cream comes close!

Studio news from Barbara:
The timing of this beach party is perfect for readers to visit the QuiltSoup site as we are having our semi-annual sale running through July 31. We are closing out quite a few items and some are deeply discounted. Take advantage as it only happens twice a year. We have to make room for all the new stuff!

My first book with Martingale is coming together beautifully. You will find happy quilts in this collection!

Do visit my website to get the latest news on that release as well as my latest fabric releases!

Thank you, Jill and Barbara!

Please join us for the rest of the party. Details here!

For today's question, what is your favorite vacation spot? Leave a comment here for this question. You have a chance to enter all of the Henry Glass Summer Party giveaways on this blog only [does not include any individual designer giveaways] up until midnight, August 10, 2012.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 1: Henry Glass Summer Party!

Welcome to the first day of the Henry Glass Summer Party! We thought that we'd invite some friends over to visit [that would be you!], sit back and have a little fun. We'll have a fabric giveaway each day and some designers are planning their own fun on their own blogs! Thanks for visiting!

Today we have Amy Hamberlin from the Katie Cupcake Pattern Co., and Jacquelynne Steves from Noble Wife. Enjoy!

Best vacation spot:

Well, this is a toss up. We love McCall Idaho and have gone every year for quite a while, but last summer we rented a lakehouse nestled along the bank of Lake Couer d'Alene. It is located in Idaho, pretty close to the Buggy Barn ladies. It is such a beautiful place with lots of green trees, gorgeous lakes, and fabulous hiking and bike trails. I went on my first bike ride (we rode about 10 miles). It was fantastic! Our kids are still talking about it. We boated on the lake where I finally got up on the wake board. The kids fished, and the adults ate at a couple of wonderful restaurants in Spokane. The memories we made on Lake Couer d'Alene were sweet and wonderful. As for this summer, I am flying out to Florida to find a temporary residence. Crazy, I know but it will be fun. I will share all the great spots in Florida once I get settled in.

My favorite summer drink:
well ... mmmmmmm ... do I have to tell the truth about this one ... ?

My favorite ice cream flavor:

Let's see what Jacquelynne is doing this summer!

Best vacation spot:
England. I love the castles, thatched roof houses, manor homes, rolling countryside, and stunning coastline. I got to visit a home where they did filming for the movie Sense and Sensibility starring Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant.

Favorite summer drink:
Anything fruity and blended!

Favorite ice cream flavor:
Chocolate in any way, shape, or form is quite acceptable!

Jacquelynne knows it's summer but she is in a Christmas in July mood! She is doing a big giveaway with holiday themed fabric and patterns.

For today's fabulous fabric giveaway here, tell us if your favorite ice cream flavor! You have a chance to enter all of the Henry Glass Summer Party giveaways on this blog only [does not include any individual designer giveaways] up until midnight, August 10, 2012. GIVEAWAY COMMENTS CLOSED ************

Remember, we still have the giveaway from Linda Lum DeBono's Sew Merry and Bright book tour! Read our post and enter here! GIVEAWAY COMMENTS CLOSED ************


Friday, July 27, 2012

Are You Coming To Our Summer Party?

Join us for our summer party. Tell us about yours and we're going to have some fun!
Remember to enter Linda Lum DeBono's Sew Merry and Bright giveaway.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sew Merry and Bright Book Tour

Merry Christmas! We've experienced a few heatwaves lately here in NYC but that doesn't stop us from thinking Christmas! We are the guests on Linda Lum DeBono's Sew Merry and Bright Book Tour and Linda has invited a special guest to give a review of her happy holiday book.

Kim Diehl, another fabulous Martingale & Co. author, and fabulous fabric designer has given Linda's book a thumbs up. Here's her review!

"Ok, I know it's summer, but it's never too early to think about the holidays ... first, let's set the stage: pop a peppermint, put on your best "Santa hat", and push the play button on your favorite CD of Christmas carols. We're ready!

My pal, Linda Lum DeBono has shared her new "Sew Merry and Bright" book with me and I, in turn, want to share this treasure trove of creativity with YOU.

Linda's gift for color and her ability to turn any event into a celebration really shinies through in this collection of the most FABULOUS holiday quilts, decor, and fun little doodads to fill your home with the spirit of Christmas - to see these happy designs is to want to make them!

Not a lot of time? Not a problem! I love that these projects are designed to be quick and easy - Linda makes it possible to whip out the sweetest gifts, ornaments, and holiday decor in a snap. No long-term commitment necessary! Shades of chartreuse green, apple red, turquoise blue, and raspberry pink come together beautifully for a fresh holiday color palette that truly sparkles. And if tradition is more your thing, simply break out your time-honored red and green prints and have at it ... your results will be equally stunning.

Did I mention that Linda has shared lots of little tips to help make us every bit as smart as her? With just a tiny bit of sewing and quilting experience (if you can thread your needle and find the foot pedal on your sewing machine, you're half way there!) you can have yourself a homemade Christmas ... how fun would it be to stitch up about a zillion ornaments and tie one onto each of your gifts with a bow? Best of all, Linda's simple steps and the great illustrations make it easy to whip out all the goodies she's included in this holiday collection."

 To help one of you get a jump on this year's holiday season, we're giving away a signed copy of Sew Merry and Bright - to enter our random drawing, just share your favorite Christmas carol or holiday song with us between now and 4 p.m. (EST), Friday, August 3rd. If you are on Facebook, Kim Diehl has a giveaway until 4 p.m. (EST),  July 27th for another copy of Linda's book. Good luck!

Thank you to Linda and Kim! Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear about your favorite holiday songs! GIVEAWAY COMMENTS CLOSED ************


Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Beach Party!

We thought that we'd have a bit of fun before the kids head back to school. Join us. Just a casual get together. See you!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Phoenix Quilt Project

Dana Brooks, Henry Glass designer and co-owner of My Lazy Daisy, is working closely with Julie Anderson of Phoenix Quilt Project. Julie is one of My Lazy Daisy's consultants and she is trying to come up with over 800 quilts to give to the families who have lost homes in the fires this year. Many of these families are from Utah and Colorado.

My Lazy Daisy is working with Julie and would love any help you can provide in spreading the word about the cause.

The photo above is a photo of quilts that were made last week at the Daisy Design & Preview Cottage in St. George. Julie is in the front row, left and Dana Brooks is directly behind her. Donations of finished quilts, raw materials [fabric, batting, and thread] are all appreciated.

You can reach Dana Brooks [My Lazy Daisy] at (435) 673-5659.
More information can be found at: http://havingfunquilting.blogspot.com and http://phoenixquilts.blogspot.com.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guest Designer: Dawn Heese

Hello! I am Dawn Heese of Linen Closet Designs. I am an author, quilt designer and now a fabric designer. I am a third generation quilter. It would be fourth generation quilter but the "quilting gene" skipped my mom. I grew up surrounded by vintage quilts, so it is no surprise that my designs have a decidedly vintage feel. As a quilt designer, my favorite part of the process has always been pulling the fabrics together to create a palette. Designing a fabric line takes that to a whole new level. My first fabric line, "Best Wishes" is now arriving in stores! I am busy working on patterns to showcase the line.

The inspiration for "Best Wishes" was a set of old postcards. The rolling script on the back was so soft and nostalgic. My designs feature a lot of applique. I love interesting background prints and I love words on fabric. This became the starting point for the line and it grew from there. I wanted a vintage look that was fresh and would appeal to today's quilter. I think that it does just that. 

I am working on several new patterns that will highlight the versatility of the line. Some of the patterns use the whole line. Another features the gold print prominently with select blue and red prints creating a patriotic look.

There will also be patterns to showcase the blue and red colorways separately. I can't wait to see what you will create with the collection!


Thanks, Dawn for a great line and post! We can't wait to see what you do with the fabric!

Sew Merry and Bright book tour

Linda Lum DeBono's Sew Merry and Bright book tour has started! Make sure that you follow along! We're excited to be part of this fun event! Details here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ninth & Vine

Ninth & Vine is one of our newest lines to hit the shelves of your local quilt shop this month. Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Design is the designer of this pretty line. We wanted to share some of the free projects that were designed from Ninth & Vine. They're fabulous!

Designer Mary Jane Carey

Are you planning a nursery? All of the projects will make your nursery very inviting and calming. The soft pink, blue, brown and cream colors are very classic. You can download all of the projects here.

Enjoy! We'd love to see some of your finished projects!

Remember, we've extended the giveaway for Delphine Cubitt's Story Time Rhyme!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Fabulous Kits!

Little Quilts does a great job of showing off fabrics from the Henry Glass family. The first one is this adorable one using Oh, Holy Night! It is a cute and almost whimsical wall hanging from Jacquelynne Steves' line. Kits are available and the pattern is easily downloaded from our site.

Penguins On Ice [see above] is featured in their Advent Calendar kit by adding just a few simple snowflake borders. Too cute!

Even there in the deep South, Little Quilts loves flannel quilts in the winter! They've added simple borders to the Snow Much Fun snowman panel to make a lap quilt. It will be a few months yet, but when the cold weather get there, Little Quilts will be ready!

Contact Little Quilts for details on these lovely projects.

Little Quilts


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lucky For You!

We are waiting for the Story Time Rhymes and we are extending the giveaway until next Friday at 4 p.m.! Do tell us your favorite nursery rhyme to win! Enter here!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kim Diehl's Favorite Furry Friend

The other day on Facebook we asked you if you had a favorite companion in your studio. Many of you have a furry little friend sitting beside you as you sew! We thought that we'd share Kim Diehl's adorable Murphy! Do you have a favorite friend who keeps you company while your are sewing?

We also have winners for our giveaway from last week.  Congratulations to:

Lynn Provencher of Country Crossroads in Orange Park, Florida
Erin Stone of South Carolina


Monday, July 9, 2012

Hickory, Dickory Dock

Today we have the wonderfully talented, Delphine Cubitt, visiting as our guest designer. Her latest fabric range, "Story Time Rhymes" is about to hit the shelves of your local quilt shop!

Her illustrations are so fun and lively. You can find her illustrations on a vast number of products ranging from greeting cards, gift wrap, product packaging, pottery to jigsaws and flags. We got a chance to chat with her recently. 

HG:  Where do you get your inspiration from?

Delphine: Inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime. An idea can form from browsing through a fashion or home magazine, to visiting an art gallery. Two of my favorites that I have visited are the Matisse Gallery in Nice, France, and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. I also love to wander around old English Country houses and gardens. I take my camera everywhere with me and I carry a sketchbook everywhere.  I am always looking for inspiration.

HG:  How long have you been designing?

Delphine:  I have probably been designing since the age of 7 or 8 where I used to spend hours drawing fashion models with elaborate clothes on them, and design mad patterns on their clothes. Professionally I have been designing for 20 years now after spending 4 years training to be a designer at college.

HG: Where did you grow up and where is your home town now?

Delphine: I grew up in a small town in the heart of the Peak District in the North of England called New Mills. Later, I lived in Preston, an industrial city 60 miles north of New Mills for 8 years, where I got a job as designer for a large greeting card company. We have now moved our little family back to the Peaks to a tiny rural village called Chinley.

HG: Pets? Children? Both?

Delphine: Both! I love my three boys, Max, 8, Alfie and Theo [my twins], aged 6 so much. We have Milly the cat who bosses us all about especially the two goldfish, Cornet and Streaker, who she threatens to "play" with on a daily basis!

HG: Favorite hobbies or vacation spot?

Delphine:  One of my favorite places on this wonderful planet of ours is a tiny island off the northeast coast of England called Lindisfarne or 'The Holy Island.' The island is only about 10 km from coast to coast, has only 50 inhabitants and is completely cut off from civilization when the tide comes in. There is a 2 mile causeway to get access onto the island. It is surrounded by beautiful sandy, secret beaches and an historical 16th century castle sits right in the center of the island. It's my little piece of paradise.

HG: What medium do you create with?

Delphine: I like to use lots of different media like oil pastels, acrylics, inks and even collage but my favorite medium is Designers Gouache as it is so versatile, with lovely fresh colors and a very professional finish.

Thank you Delphine for visiting with us! We think that island is heavenly too! Tell us your favorite nursery rhyme and we'll send one lucky random winner a bundle of "Story Time Rhymes."
Deadline: 4 p.m. Friday, July13th, 2012