Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Seeking a Desire to Inspire challenger for April - featuring "Are We There Yet?" by Barbara Jones of QuiltSoup

It's Spring Vacation time! Throw all your stuff in the car and head out on the road for sunnier places! But don't leave this fabric collection behind!  "Are We There Yet?" by Barbara Jones of QuiltSoup represents the road trip experience perfectly. 

This collection is looking for a challenger to pick up this fabric and transform it into cute road-worthy projects that speak the language of being on the road. 

Are you inspired? We want you to put your name in the hat for this month's challenge! Comment on this blog post or email vanessa@jaftex.com

PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We will pick someone on Monday, April 3, 2017.  

This is how it goes: 
1. YOU sign up below with your email or blog name to this post, 
or email your information* to vanessa@jaftex.com 
2. WE pick a winner. 
3. YOU send us your address.
4. WE send you the "Are We There Yet?" fabrics shown above.
5. YOU make something AWESOME during the month of April, with pictures and your story.
6. WE post it. 
7. YOU keep it. 

*We would like to have challengers show us they can meet the challenge, so please comment with your blog posts, or pictures of projects you have completed. Give us SOMETHING so we can rest assured you can do this!!!  Even great ideas count! Please do your best to stand out, and you will have a great chance of being selected. 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I've experienced the challenge before and loved it. This is just a wonderful bundle right now as there are so many up coming 'Shop Hops' around the area.

Janie said...

I would love to be the Desire to Inspire Challenger for April. Thank you for the consideration. @janie.mccombs

Judi Duncan said...

I would love to do this....I even have some ideas in my head already!
I love that you put on this challenge!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

This grouping rally piques my interest as we spend most of the summer on the road. Such fun!

Sherry said...

As an RVer I am always wondering if we are there yet. I would love to take on the challenge of working with these fabrics.

crazyquiltpatcher AT Yahoo DOT com

Mona Phelps said...

I would love the opportunity to create something. Thank you!!

Katie said...

I'd like to take the challenge and create something unique and fun. Check out my Instagram katieruthptrsn!

Joanne said...

This is a fun bunch of fabric and I look forward to the creations!

Unknown said...

The road trips I have taken as both a child and an adult are some of the best times of my life. I thank my dad for giving me not just his beautiful wavy silver hair but also for the happy feet he gave me. My sense of wander and wonder work together. I've lived across this great nation and visited all states but Maine and Minnesota which are still on my bucket list. What a wonderful tribute this quilt could be to those memories.

Rosieq said...

I love road tripping with my husband just to explore; and I love shop hopping with my BFF to shop hops or other haunts.

I decided I need a new wallet; but would love at least a trio of wallet, purse, back pack and a big bag for the trinkets I select in various shops.

I am really a pocket person as you may or may not see on a back pack I made to celebrate our first ride in a hot air balloon over Luxor, Egypt. A lot very experience.