Friday, March 31, 2017

Desire to Inspire March Challenger - Vicki Schlimmer

Hi, I am Vicki Schlimmer! 

We live on 2.5 acres in Southeast Minnesota where we are treated daily to wildlife such as deer, turkeys, raccoons, fox and lots of birds.  The snow has all melted and it is in the ugly stage of brown. But very soon it will be budding green and lush around here. My daffodils and crocus have been peeking up through the ground for the last 4 weeks, I can hardly wait to see their beautiful colors once again.
Fabric arrived! 

My husband and I have one son, one daughter, one daughter-in-law and 2 adorable grandsons.  We love being outdoors from spring through fall camping, kayaking, biking and hiking.
My mom taught me to sew, hand knit, and crochet between 6-8 years old.  Sewing came shortly after that.  I still do it all and then some! I made my first quilt as I was preparing to get my first apartment at 19, it was machine applique dresden plates on a sheet, and tied. I have come a long way!  I like traditional to modern, I prefer regular piecing but have done improv and paper piecing.

Knitting bag for knitting on the go, made from an online tutorial

Knitting bag inside view! 
You can find me almost daily in my sewing room or on my longarm.  I just love to make and create!  I have to admit that I almost gave up sewing after taking HomeEc.  I wanted to do things my way and got discouraged with the teachers way! I quit for a few years and then got back into it, I’m so glad I kept on. I made each of my kids a baby quilt, and made lots of their clothes while they were toddlers and early grade school years, also made quite a bit for myself.  I no longer enjoy garment making except for a few quilted jackets for myself and doll clothes.

I bought my longarm 14 years ago and traded up a few times to get my Nolting Funquilter. I do craft shows where I sell my quilted items, along with doll clothes, machine knit sweaters for kids, and tons of snowmen. I was a stay at home mom and now stay at home wife.   Two years ago I ventured forth in designing patterns which I sell on Craftsy.  You can find my patterns here:

A Sew Together bag, for knitting supplies of all kinds

Inside of bag with all the compartments

Thirty one years ago I bought my first knitting machine and have never looked back, a great investment. I can knit a child’s sweater in a matter of a few hours rather than weeks or months!  I own 5 knitting machines now.  But I do hand knit once in a while because I like to have something in my hands as I am watching TV with my hubby.  I love to stamp, scrapbook, bead, and crochet.  Painting was always something I wanted to do, but I guess the gene skipped right on by as I just could never catch on to that. So I will just admire other’s works.

A fabric basket for knitting machine parts from an online tutorial.
A sturdy fabric basket with cardboard side for knitting projects in process, another online tutorial.

I blog at where I love to share projects I am working on.    I am in my second year as an Island Batik Ambassador.  I would love for you to stop by and say Hi!

Thank you, Henry Glass, for allowing me to be the Desire to Inspire challenger for March!! It was ‘sew much’ fun!

Made a window topper with some of the fabric! 

Vicki in MN


allthingzsewn said...

I like this bundle, you made some cute projects. This would make a cute toddler quilt too. It could be used like a Richard Scarry book.
It was nice to see something beside quilts with the challenge fabric. I don't limit myself to quilts either, though they are my favorite sewing project. I don't know why but your curtain reminded me that I need to make a new ironing board cover, the ruffle I guess.
Have a great day.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Lots of cute and useful projects using this fun fabric! Great job Vicki!!

Barb said...

Totally awesome!!

Quilting Tangent said...

Cute coleection and projects.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Vicki did a great job with the fabrics. Very creative!

Sandra Walker said...

Great projects Vicki--some very unique ones that I will have to check out!

Denise Losczyk said...

Love the projects you created! Beautiful work!

Michele T said...

Super cute projects!!! Your work is awesome!!

Janie said...

I like your sew together bag. Great projects using this collection. Thank you for the inspiration.

Laura said...

Such cute fabric for people who work with fabric and yarn. Would make great small gifts or perhaps a quilt to celebrate a quilters special birthday.

OhioLori said...

Love Love LOOOOOVE all your AWESOME projects!!! You are soooo Creative!! Thank you for sharing with us :)

Vicki in MN said...

Awww thanks everyone! I had so much fun creating this past month!! Thanks HG!!