Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Desire To Inspire - December Edition

"Monkey In The Middle"

Thank you for a great year! We close the year with another fabulous Desire To Inspire project. Each month we anxiously await the arrival of the next Desire To Inspire photos and we are never disappointed. 

Let's visit with our guest designer for the Desire To Inspire - December Edition. We sent her a bundle of Monkey Mischief by Marie Cole. This collection is full of fun and whimsy. The monkeys are definitely up to some mischievous antics.

HG:  Name?

KL:  Karen Lieberman

HG:  Where do you live?

KL:  Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (about 25 miles north of Detroit)

KL:  I have been married to my wonderful husband Mark for 33 years, we were high school sweethearts. My daughter Michelle is 28 and my son Bryan is 24.  I also have a 2 year old Boston Terrier named Franklin who hangs out with me while I quilt.

HG:  How long have you been quilting?

KL:  I've been quilting for about 37 years.

HG:  Your favorite technique?

KL:  My favorite technique would have to be traditional piecing.  I learned to piece by hand first when I started, but I do all my piecing (and quilting) by machine now.  Scrap quilts are my all time favorites!  I have a ridiculous scrap collection.  LOL 

HG:  How did you learn the art of quilting?

KL:  I took a creative crafts class at school in 9th grade and fell in love with the art of quilting.  I bought some books on quilting and continued to teach myself for the next few years.  When I was expecting my daughter I started taking classes.  I've been making quilts obsessively ever since.  And I still love to take classes and learn new techniques and styles.

HG:  Do you belong to a guild?

KL:  I've belonged to the Great Lakes Heritage Quilt Guild for about 15 years.  I love being part of a guild, we've had so many great programs over the years.  I also belong to two stitch groups that meet every month.  I've made my best friends in the quilting circles.  We do lots of fun projects and challenges in the guild and stitch groups!

HG:  Is there anything that you would like to add?

KL:  As strong as my love for quilting, is my desire to help those in need.  Charity quilting is the most important part of my quilting life.  I make quilts for many different causes like homeless shelters, kid's camps, disaster relief, premature babies, kids in cancer treatment, nursing homes etc.  It's the most rewarding work I do.

Thank you Karen for your wonderful project.
Happy New Year!



Janet said...

Great job, Karen! You really do inspire me with all the charity quilts you do .

Cowtown Quilts said...

What a cute quilt!