Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Desire to Inspire - December Challenger - Meet Melinda Collins

Meet Melinda Collins- She took on the challenge of using "Twilight Lake” by Andrea Tachiera in the month of December 2019

"I am Melinda Collins and I currently live in Lexington, South Carolina, near the state capital of Columbia.  I live with my wonderfully supportive husband, Tray, and daughter Kelley, who often serves as my color and/or layout consultant.  My career for the past 30 years has been in medical imaging and I work full-time as the CT Scan supervisor at a local hospital. I have always loved crafting - knitting, scrapbooking, beading, weaving, and stained-glass art- as a creative outlet, but quilting has become my passion.  
My mother and grandmother taught me to sew.  Most of the time we made clothes or home decor - I was the only one who branched out into quilting. I made my first quilt for my daughter right after she was born in 1995 and have loved it ever since.  Someone once asked me what my favorite part of quilting was - and I really didn’t have an answer.  I enjoy the whole process.  Designing, choosing fabrics, piecing, quilting and, yes, even binding!  I like taking traditional blocks and methods and coming up with my own versions and techniques. 

I mostly quilt for my family and friends, but have recently started Longarm quilting on my awesome A-1 machine (courtesy of my aforementioned supportive husband).  Longarm quilting has opened up a whole new realm for me.  Who knew ruler work could be so much fun!?!  

I’m a member of the Threads of Time Quilt Guild, Quilters of South Carolina, and South Carolina Longarm Quilters.  The members of these communities are so talented and create such beautiful things it inspires me each time I go to a meeting.  They are always willing to share and give advice and I have learned a lot from them.  Also, our local quilt shops, Jessamine Quilt Shop and Sew Suite Studio, have fantastic staff who are always willing to share their knowledge.  

When I saw the Twilight Lake fabric line, I knew I wanted to make something with it.  Then, when I was chosen for the challenge, I got my chance.  The fabrics have such a soft hand and were so easy to work with.  The lodge camping theme begged to be made into log cabin blocks, flying geese, stars, and a bear paw, of course.   My husband loves it! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this challenge!"


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice quilt!

Farm Quilter said...

Melinda did a great job with the fabrics and the quilt is lovely!!! I'm with you, Melinda, ruler work is a blast!!

Sally Ann said...

Love Henry Glass fabric...beautiful collections!

cpentzer said...

The subtle and muted,these fabrics breath comfort and warmth. The woodland theme is wonderful.

Jenny Zak said...

I wouldn't have seen the beauty of these fabric together if not for this page and the example. So pretty! I think this would go well with any home decor, so I'd make runners and a table topper.

CarolA said...

Haven't met a fabric I didn't like.

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