Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Desire to Inspire - Last Month's Challenger - Pamela McDonald

 Meet Pamela McDonald- She took on the challenge of using "Fireside Pups” by Robert Giordano in the month of April 2019.

Hm, a bit about me and where I live.

My family consists of two Australian Shepherds, one boy, and one girl.  The hubby and I live upstairs and his two sisters share the basement.  We live out of town in a rural area up on a small hill.

I have been quilting off and on since the early '80s.  The first quilt I did with my mom, was one where we used a sheet, stamped the flowers of the States on it, embroidered it and then did the quilting by hand.  That was a lot of work.  My dad made us a quilt frame so we could work on it.  I know people these days may frown on using sheets as backing, but my Mom used them and I still have the Wedding Ring quilt she made for me and the back has lasted longer than the front, she did it all by hand.  My quilting consists of making tops, I do quilt some on my machine and want to learn some ruler quilting and more free motion.  I also have an embroidery machine I enjoy using.  I tend to jump from project to project, depending on how I am feeling that day. Which in turn, gives me quite a few UFO's. Hehehe.

I also have a small Etsy shop called Castle's Attic.  I am selling some pre-cut and pre-fused doggies for applique.

I have a local quilt shop or LQS in Kelso Washington, which is ten miles away.  The Paisley Duck is a fantastic little shop, so I am giving a shout out to my quilting buddies and the two wonderful ladies who run the shop. Susie Meyers is the Owner and Ms. Paisley :)  Pam McPheeters is the hardest working woman I have ever met.  I wish I had her energy!  We  have a lot of fun, Susie runs some great classes, plus Paisley Duck University, where you can start at the beginning and learn how to quilt, sew, etc.  We also go on retreats twice a year. 

I live in Castle Rock, which is the gateway to Mount St. Helens, if you were around in 1980, the mountain blew.  I moved up here a year later from Colorado with my Parents and hubby. Castle Rock is 160 miles south of Seattle and 63 miles North of Portland Oregon. It is a lovely, little town and has been in America Blooms and won a few awards for flowers.

Here are the projects I made with "Fireside Pups" by Robert Giordano:

1. Dog Pillow, Dog Bed, and Dog Stockings

2. Triangle Mat for a table, back and front.

3.Front Door hanger at Christmas

4 Advent Calendar.  I was going to add numbers and bones, but I figured people could do whatever they wanted with one.


Joanne said...

Cute projects using adorable fabric! :-)

MaryAnne said...

Good job! Like what you did with these cute fabrics.

Danette said...

The puppies are so cute and these projects fit nicely because you have 2 dogs. They will get used and loved!

Brandy said...

Those stockings are so cute! Nice job on all the projects 😀