Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Industry News- Challenges Build Relationships

You're probably familiar with the challenge that we present each month called "Desire to Inspire" which calls for quilters of all ages to creatively use one of our latest fabric lines. The winner receives the collection to make something great. The caveat is that the quilters only have one month to complete their project. Because our challengers work so hard, we then like to feature the quilter's work and share some information about them. 

In addition to that, we also post challenges from time to time from Jaftex President, Scott Fortunoff. We enjoy hosting these challenges to interact with the quilt shops (as we value helping our customers be successful) and our consumers (as we enjoy seeing what they have created out of our beautiful fabrics). It's important to us that we maintain this type of relationship with everyone that we encounter.

We want to highlight an impressive challenge that quilting pro, Debbie Roberts of The Quilted Moose in Gretna, Nebraska issued to her consumer base. This challenge included designing new red and white quilts. With a few requirements and no prize, love and passion for quilting were demonstrated indeed, as this call to action brought in an overwhelming number of quilts, 50 to be exact! 

 Click here to read more about Debbie's initiativeWe want to give a special shout-out to Debbie Roberts and acknowledge her contributions in continuing to promote quilting in her community and beyond. Way to go!

Take a look at one of our lines which features a red and white palette. "Frosty Friends- 2-Ply Flannel" by Jan Shade Beach, which is one of our current favorites for the holiday season. Check your local quilt shop as some may not have it any longer. Click here to view the full collection

Stay tuned for more, "Desire to Inspire" challenges from Henry Glass & Co. and Jaftex President, Scott Fortunoff

Furthermore, keep watching on social media as we are currently hosting the Jaftex Holiday Challenge 2018, which features a “Behind the Scenes” look of the studios of each of our Henry Glass & Co., licensed designers, as well as other Jaftex Corporation designers.  Who doesn’t love a friendly competition?

Sound off and let us know what other competitions you would like to see in 2019!

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Stitches said...

In this entry you have said that The Quilted Moose is in Nevada, when actually it is in Gretna, Nebraska..I have been there many times, it's a wonderful quilt shop. I'm always chasing reproduction tyep fabrics and they have some of the best...