Friday, September 14, 2018

Chrystal Eckman is this months Challenger in Desire to Inspire with Busy Bees by Nidhi Wadhwa

Meet Chrystal Eckman of Longmont, CO who answered the Challenge for September with the Busy Bees collection by Nidhi Wadhwa! Cheer her on, since she just got her fabrics the past week! She is super excited though, and since she just moved, the Challenge has served as her motivation to get her sewing room unpacked and back into use! 

Chrystal Eckman in Longmont, CO

Fabric Arrived! 


Angie&Gary Short said...

The bees are so cute! Awesome fabric! Hope your day is wonderful!!

Sherry said...

The fabric is so cute and looks like it will be fun to work with. I wish you the best and I hope you enjoy the process from beginning to end.