Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ready for a December Desire to Inspire Challenger!

 Life on the farm has a unique charm. Red barns, silos, a lazy river nearby plus all the fun animals including cows, pigs, chickens, sheep are all represented here in this darling novelty collection by Kate Mawdsley. Kate is an international artist from England and Henry Glass is pleased to show her latest line of Farm Life. Do you love the Farm Life too? This collection is for you!

That's right, this collection doesn't ship until December, but you can have it first, and make whatever you want with it! You only need to have it ready for photos by the end of December! 

Here are the rules for Desire to Inspire. Pretty easy, actually.
1. Put your name in the hat by sending an email to Be sure to include a photo or two of your latest or greatest projects, just so we know you are for real and can do this.

2. We pick a winner and send out fabric FedEx so you can start on your quest as soon as possible. 

3. You sew in a flurry and frenzy all through December, and send us your project pictures and a little bio about yourself by December 28. Plus you keep everything you made!

Okay? Whose in? 

If you have already done this before - we are opening this up this month for previous challengers!! 

Send your emails now. Go.

Here is the whole collection, you will receive several pieces from the line. It will also be shipping into your local quilt shop during December.