Thursday, August 31, 2017

Our August Desire to Inspire Challenger, Pat Carter, Met the Challenge!

The Challenge was accepted by Pat Carter of Alpine, WY. 

Here is her story.

I am Pat Carter, and I live on No-Name Mountain in Alpine, WY, a small town nestled between the Wyoming and Salt River Ranges in northwest Wyoming.  We are located south of Jackson Hole, WY, at the southern end of the scenic Snake River Canyon. 
Fabric Arrives!
Grand Teton National Park (40 miles) and Yellowstone National Park (90 miles) add another dimension to the many outdoor activities of this area:  snowmobiling, skiing, fishing and lake recreation on Palisades Reservoir, ATV, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, etc. Wildlife abound in this area--from Petunia the Skunk to elk/deer/moose and bear.  All of the trees we have planted on our lot have been creatively pruned by the deer who call our lot their favorite dining-out spot.  The annual snowfall in this area can exceed 500 inches.  

My husband and I are retired teachers and are year-round residents.  We love it in the summer when all the snowbirds return, but we also love the winter months when the town loses its summer folks and our mountain becomes a winter wonderland.  The snow drifts straight down, and the trees shed extra snow weight in mini avalanches.  Then the sawdust flies in my husband's shop, and several of the beautiful wood turnings find their way down to my quilting studio!   
Two Children's Aprons
Adult Apron

My mother and grandmother were quilters; they spent many winter hours hand quilting on a frame my father made and set up in our farm house.  

Full table setting with table runner, placemats, napkins and fabric bowls
4 placemats and napkins... all lined!
I learned to embroider, crochet, and sew as a young girl, but did not make my first quilt until several years later when my high school was closed for asbestos removal in 1989.  We went to a split session, sharing space in the other high school.  I spent those free mornings taking a quilting class--and a new love was born!  This new hobby led to the purchase of a longarm quilting machine and another aspect of the quilting avocation.  I became involved in making quilts of valor, a project dear to my heart;      I would often combine machine embroidery with piecing.  My personal quilts gravitate toward traditional patterns, with a twist (i.e., a basket within a basket, machine embroidery in a center block of a log cabin, etc.).  I have incorporated Sally Fields' shoes (machine embroidery found at BFC Creations) in 4 quilts--her shoes have such creativity and detail!  I'm currently trying to reduce my stash, some of which is 15+ years old--and I'm using those favorites that I have just "petted" fondly throughout the years.  Does anyone else have fabrics that are so pretty that you have not cut into them?!  My bucket list of "quilts to make" grows longer each time I visit Pinterest!

Some of my favorite fabrics have been from the Henry Glass collections.  I used a Henry Glass fabric book panel named "Why" to make a quilt for our grandson, and liked it so much that I made a second baby quilt!  (You can see the "Why" quilt on my blog:

Table runner, basket liner and fabric bowl
And then I was notified on August 1 that I had been selected to complete the August Desire to Inspire Challenge--thank you Henry Glass Fabrics!  What fun!  I anxiously awaited the arrival of the fabric which landed on my porch on August 8 (we are a little out of the way!).  Since the Country Cuisine fabric featured strawberries, my thoughts turned to kitchen projects.  I kept adding items to my "want to make" list, but finally ran out of time.  So, here is the fabric collection I received:  

Backside of Table runner

The table runners, placemats, aprons, fabric baskets, and basket liner were all lined. 
What a fun project this has been!  The Country Cuisine collection by Isabelle Biche lends an air of spring to any kitchen, reminiscent of soft breezes, fragrant flowers, lush green grass.  


Joanna said...

Beautiful aprons (my favorite) and table linens showing off this sweet collection. And yes, Pat, I have fabric that I haven't cut into yet because it is gorgeous. Have fun working on your stash.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great post, great items.

Lee said...

Wonderful projects!!

Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful projects. It was nice to read about your home and creative life.

Denise Losczyk said...

Lovely projects! You did a great job with the fabric!

Helen L said...

Pat made some really great projects: pretty!!

Vicki in MN said...

Beautiful projects!

Barb said...

what fun projects with awesome fabrics

Danette said...

Very pretty indeed!

Anna brown said...

Great job hun tytyty for sharing...