Friday, April 28, 2017

Are you the next Desire to Inspire Challenger?? Looking for someone who loves Christmas!

It's time to get started on Christmas projects! Here is your jump start with this month's Desire to Inspire Challenge. We are looking for someone who LOVES Christmas, and Jolly Ole' St. Nick in particular. We want a challenger who will take these fabrics and make something great in a month! 

Are you inspired? We want you to put your name in the hat for this month's challenge! Comment on this blog post or email

PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We will pick someone on Wednesday, May 3, 2017.  

This is how it goes: 
1. YOU sign up below with your email or blog name to this post, 
or email your information* to 
2. WE pick a winner. 
3. YOU send us your address.
4. WE send you the "Jolly Ole' St. Nick" fabrics shown above.
5. YOU make something AWESOME during the month of May, with pictures and your story.
6. WE post it. 
7. YOU keep it. 

*We would like to have challengers show us they can meet the challenge, so please comment with your blog posts, or pictures of projects you have completed. Give us SOMETHING so we can rest assured you can do this!!!  Even great ideas count! Please do your best to stand out, and you will have a great chance of being selected. 


QuiltShopGal said...

Oh my gosh these are beautiful fabrics. And I absolutely love Chistmas. Unfortunately I'm traveling without a sewing machine and wouldn't be able to meet your deadline. Boo hoo. But I will happily share on Facebook & Twitter.


Cheryl Hammond said...

Oh how I'd love to make a Holiday quilt with these fabrics!!!

Judi Duncan said...

I would love to be chosen...hopefully you like applique as that is my favorite technique....I believe it makes my items truly one of a kind!

Stitchin At Home said...

I love Christmas! I have a couple ideas forming with this line.

Vicki in MN said...

What cute fabric! I would do it again in a heartbeat but I am sure you want to spread the love around:)

vkh6210 said...

Who could resist a Santa that cute? So adorable.

Unknown said...

I love this line!! What could be cuter for a Christmas project then jolly ole' st nick peeking in your window! I had a great time with my first challenge and I know this one will be just as much fun...if not more!!

Sherry said...

I am sure that the person you choose will have a great time working with this fabric.

WyoPat said...

Great fabric collection--would love to make something with it.

Marian said...

I'm sure I missed being able to enter, but I'd love love love to do this.