Friday, August 29, 2014

Why We Love Giveaways!

We love hosting giveaways and we love it even more when someone sends something back to us using the prizes. Although isn't a requirement to send something back to us, Katie Wyatt gifted us with some special finished projects. She had recently won a bundle of "Simply Christmas" by Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs.

[Photo: Henry Glass & Co.]

A short time after receiving her fabric, we received these beauties in return with a lovely card. She made several other projects from the fabric that we sent her and all we can say is wow. We asked her to tell us a little about herself. She is a talented sewer but also a generous soul. Thank you Katie Wyatt.

Katie’s love of sewing began in high school.  After a many year break from fabric and the sewing machine she was encouraged to return to this art by her sister.
[Photo: Katie Wyatt]

Katie has made [and continues to make] countless quilts, which are donated to help raise funds.  The money raised is used to aid in the recovery of sick westies released from puppy mills or owner surrenders.  This fund raising cause is a very passionate one.  Also Make-A-Wish Foundation has received several quilts for local children to use to keep them warm when while receiving drug treatment therapy.

Her love of sewing extends to creating doll clothing for the American Girl.  All clothing is given  away. To view Katie’s blog showcasing her American Girl clothing and quilts visit  

 [Photo: Katie Wyatt]

Trying to keep the art of sewing alive she co-teaches classes at the local YMCA.  There Katie and the several members of the Bayside Quilters Guild teach young girls how to sew clothing using the American Girl doll as a model.   Classes for young students are designed to keep the art of quilting alive.

 [Photo: Katie Wyatt]

Katie Wyatt lives on the eastern shore of Maryland with her husband Wilson who is a writer/photographer.  They have two westies named Julep and Derby.  You and see Julep and Derby at

Thank you so much for sharing and for your gift! 

[Photo credits: Katie Wyatt except where noted.]

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Have a great holiday weekend.



Michele T said...

Very sweet projects and I love that fabric!!!

Joanna said...

Compliments to Katie. Everything is charming and looks well made, but I'm definitely got to make a Scottie pillow for Christmas. He's cute.

Christine S said...

What a great story and wonderful lady!

Lee said...

How fabulous!

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Thank you! I had so much fun sewing things with this fabric. All the best, Katie

Melissa Miller said...

Very nice!