Monday, July 14, 2014

Sweet Harmony: Lap Top Bag Tutorial

[Photo: Rebecca of OurBusyLittleBunch]

We love it when we hear from a customer and we are even happier when there is a photograph of a gorgeous project featuring our fabric.

Thank you to Bear Creek Quilting Company and to Rebecca of OurBusyLittleBunch for sharing this wonderful tutorial. Rebecca used Amy Hamberlin's Sweet Harmony collection for one of the bags and Studioe's collection of Joyful Blooms.

You can find the tutorial by clicking here. Let us know if you've made something with any of our collections. Send Henry Glass a message. As always, we love to see our fabrics in use by you!


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Bear Creek Quilting Company said...

Thank you Henry Glass for supporting amazing fabric designers and for sharing our tutorial! ~Shari