Friday, January 18, 2013

Little Darlings II

The ladies at Little Quilts are just loving their new fabric range, Little Darlings II. We spoke to them about this line and thought that we'd share some more about what they think about this line.

We're all excited at Little Quilts about the newest 'user friendly' panel in Little Darlings II. It's perfect for a beginner because you simply sew one row of patchwork with pinwheels, four patches, and a coordinating green floral to each side of the quilt and you have a great 'first quilt' project. Those bright clear colors are so popular today. We've made kits at Little Quilts for this quilt called 'Child's Play' 32" x 42" and also 'Fun Times" 38" x 28" with the 6" preprinted blocks and simple pinwheels. 

Here's a photograph of "Three Friends" (32" x 28"). It is the perfect size for a pillow sham.

Make this simple pillow sham or small wall hanging with the center panel framed with the yellow coordinate and pinwheels and four patches. 

If you e-mail Little Quilts with your name and address, we will send along the pattern for the banner when you order fabric. 

Thanks, Little Quilt! Have a great weekend everyone! We're working on some new things and next week we will unveil our word for the year. Stay tuned! Follow this blog or catch us on Facebook. See you there! We are up to 800 likes and we appreciate all of you! Debbie Thomas Miner, we thank you for being #800! We are going to send you a bundle of fabric to get you inspired for the year. Please contact Congratulations! (btw, did you see that hint?)



Glass Doors said...

Oh I love the designs in this glass.

Material Girl said...

Very cute line!

Lee said...

Love this line!