Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Sentiments Sampler Quilt - Block 10

Block 10. Did I just say that? Wow. We're counting down to the last two blocks now. We should give Dawn Heese a lot of love for this design. It is totally fabulous! Download the pattern here.

Who do you make quilts for? Do you make them just for family? Have you ever made them for co-workers?

Come back for more Quilt Market catch-up. November just flew by and Christmas is just a few weeks away. Unbelievable!



Anonymous said...

Am loving all of these sampler blocks. Have a few projects to catch up on and then I'm onto these. Just LOVE the colors you've chosen.
For those of you looking for block 7=====it's on post date 11/12/12.

Sherry said...

Thanks Debby.