Monday, November 19, 2012

Very Merry Holiday Hints Part #2

Did the hints help you yesterday? We've put together more hints for you for the next batch of photos. We can't wait to see the entries and your guesses! Make sure that you read the post from day 1 for the details of the giveaway. Some of our designers' giveaways are still going on too! Good luck! 

Dawn's pattern will be posted up in a while so come back later today for the add. NOTE: Dawn will be getting the pattern to us in the next day or so. She's moving this week. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks!

We wonder what style of tree Designer #7 will choose this year? 
Is there anything that beats pink ornaments?

Designer #8, our jiggly desserts will never have the same meaning for us. 
Your grandpa was the coolest guy!

Designer #9, you are so fine in your bonnet. We want to travel to North Wales with you! 
Can we be an honorary uncle?

Designer #10, look at those cheeks and dimples! You are still adorable as ever!
We think that pink poodles definitely have a place at the holidays!

We wonder how long Designer #11 has known Designer #12?

We wonder how long Designer #12 has known Designer #11?

Kelly Lamb are you reading this post? You have won a small bundle of fabric for being friend #700 on our Facebook page! [Giveaway not affiliated with Facebook. It's just us being thankful!] Please send your info here.

Happy guessing! 



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Kelly Lamb aka Sew Lambitious said...

I see on FB that I won, but I did not notice this until today. Hopefully 699 does not respond and I can still win this? If not, I still appreciate the opportunity! LOVE your fabrics! Ironically I have been making a wish list for your fabrics over the weekend!

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