Thursday, January 29, 2009

Excerpt from Barbara Jones' blog from QuiltSoup

Okay. I am trying something new that I don't know much about. That Anne Sutton over at Bunny Hill made a movie about her new fabric which raised the bar for the rest of the HG designers! I am not as techno-savvy as Anne but have lots of grandkids! There's more than one way to make a quilt block you know!
I asked my granddaughter to make me a little movie of the swatches in our Bubblegum Basics line. She has done that and now I am uploading it to this blog. Didn't work. Of course it wouldn't be quite that easy. Grumble, grumble. Will try again.I have taken a new approach. Just because I can't figure out how to post the movie doesn't mean I can't make a new one of my own... (Tick tock, there goes another hour or four). Oh yeah, and just because I am such an expert, I think I will add music too!Well that didn't exactly work too well. I am nothing if not perseverant!!! (after all it's only time and I am so far behind now that what difference does a few more hours make? WooHoo!!
Success at last! I am a multi-media genius! As you watch the video and listen to the music, you can read the blocks from my cute panel that will give you an idea of what I did or thought or said as I experienced this new adventure. Hope you have fun.Why should I be the only one having all this fun? Why not give you the link so you too can make your own movie? Just keep an eye on the clock! Oh yeah...thanks Anne for broadening my horizons!
Go to to see the full line of Barbara Jones' Bubble Gum Basics. We also have a great FREE PROJECT too!!

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