Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Awesome HG Designer Bev Proulx Blogs for us!

School buses pass my house again. The nights are crisp and clear. Autumn is coming!I spent my summer doing much travel involving my grandchildren and other family members. While traveling, I could check quilt shops to see the great Henry Glass Co. fabrics out there. Many great fabrics from our fine designers. Also, I certainly hunted for vintage fabrics, whether yardage, quilt blocks and tops, or quilts themselves. I found many examples! My 1930s collection can never be too large!!

Be sure to check my lines coming in 2009 for some delightful new novelty prints and geometrics. These fabrics spiced up the 1930s general store shelves of our grandmothers' day.I have also been working on original quilt patterns. My "Posies Galore" pattern traveled with me to Iowa for an "Eye for Color" lecture in July. Local quilt stores are providing good feedback on the pattern, as well.

I am including a picture of the pattern cover for all of you to see. I am currently working on another original 1930s pattern, which I hope to have ready to go before my next blog entry. This week I am off to southwestern Minnesota to do a Quilts through Time lecture that covers 1750-1900. It is always a joy to use fabrics, blocks, tops, and quilts from my collection to share information about how unique and impressive quilts were even then.

Today, we are fortunate so many fabric designers keep marvelous fabrics coming so we can maintain the quilting tradition! Have a spectacular September! Until next time, check my "Pocketful of Posies" line. To See more of Bev Proulx's designs go to our website at and click on her name. Or to get more information about her own quilt design you can email her direclty at

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