Friday, October 31, 2014

Desire To Inspire Challenge - October 2014 Edition

It's time for the October Editon of "Desire To Inspire Challenge." Remember if you want to submit a project to be eligible to be chosen for this, just send your submission to us. See instructions below.

This month we sent our challenger a bundle of Marie Cole's "I Love You" collection. This bold collection features hearts and words of love in black, white, red and pink fabrics. The collection should be in your local quilt shops right now!

Let's meet October's challenger. Her name is Katie Ellis and she is from Salt Lake, Utah. We thank you Katie for another fabulous "Desire To Inspire Challenge" project. We say it all the time but we truly believe that we are inspired again and again when we see the new "Desire To Inspire" photographs that the challengers send in. Make sure that you view past projects by hitting the link at the top right corner of the blog.

HG:  Tell us about your family.
KE:  I have been married to my best friend for 8 years. His name is James and I am so lucky that he supports me in all my crazy ideas. I have 2 little boys and a baby girl that light up my world. Most of my quilts end up in their rooms.

HG:  How long have you been quilting? 
KE:  I learned how to sew about 25 years ago when I was 5. But I have only been quilting for about 4 years.

HG:  What's your favorite technique?
KE:  I love to applique. Just raw edge. I would love to learn needle turn one day. I love to try new techniques and learn everything I can about quilting.

HG:  Who taught you how to quilt? 
KE:  I took a basic how to quilt at my favorite LSQ. Then I got a job there; which was fantastic. I learned tips and tricks from customers and my fellow employees.
Do you belong to any guilds? I am the secatary of a local quilt guild. Its called Sister In Stitches.

HG:  Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
KE:  I have a blog called I would love for you to follow along on my crazy quilting journey. I do fun giveaways and reviews. 
I cut the panel up that went with this collection to make the wall hanging. I love to hang up wall hangings for all the holidays. And now my collection is almost complete. The quilt I used a free pattern call the 5 Yard Quilt. It takes a yard of 5 different prints for a total of 5 yards. Hence the name. I love how it turned out. I think I am going to quilt it in either white or red and do meandering hearts all over it. I can't wait to cuddle under it and watch a movie with my Valentine. 

Katie Ellis

Thanks Katie for another excellent project. Come back next month to see November's challenge project. Meanwhile, we are continuing with our weekly "Countdown To The Holidays" event each week. There are some great giveaways going on each week.

Have a safe Halloween.


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