Friday, December 8, 2017

Henry Glass Designers' Progressive Dinner Party - Day 8 Kim Diehl

Our final day of the Holiday Progressive Dinner Party is hosted by Kim Diehl. Kim's seasonal collection is called "Farmstead Harvest" which will ship in April 2018.

Farmstead Harvest Collection

Favorite Christmas Memory

While growing up, my parents made Christmas a really magical time of year. One of my favorite memories as a little kid was driving home from grandma’s house on Christmas Eve, when my dad suddenly exclaimed, “Look! I just saw Santa’s sleigh and Rudolph fly behind those clouds!!” I spent the whole rest of the drive with my nose pressed against the glass, fogging up the car window while I looked for Santa.

            Now that I’m all grown up and a nana with two toddler grandies, I go all out to make things just as special for them; this means lots of quilts, evergreens, sparkling lights, and yummy treats like my Caramel Apple Cheesecake. I hope you enjoy the recipe!
            And because I’m sure you’re all on Santa’s “good” list, here’s an extra holiday gift from me to you – free downloadable directions for this fun little Farmstead Game Board quilt, created with my upcoming Farmstead Harvest collection.

Download link is below

            To end this dessert course on a REALLY sweet note, please share your favorite holiday treat with me between now and Tuesday, December 12th. (See Giveaway Box below) I’ll randomly choose two winners and Santa will deliver a signed copy of my Simple Harvest and Simple Christmas Tidings books to each of you. Ho, ho, ho!!!

~ Kim

Day 8 Recipe - Dessert

Here is a  FREE PROJECT for you: 

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Henry Glass Designers Progressive Dinner Party - Day 7 Anni Downs

Meet Anni Downs, our designer from Down Under. The Australian designs of her studio and shop "Hatched and Patched" have found a warm welcome in the United States and particularly this beautiful Christmas collection, called "Home for Christmas" which will ship in May of 2018.

Home for Christmas Collection

Day 7 - Recipe Holiday Beverage

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Henry Glass Designers Progressive Dinner Party - Day 6 Jan Shade Beach

Meet Jan Shade Beach

Meet Jan Shade Beach, a designer who LOVES Christmas. Jan has two collections this holiday season that were released in October and will ship into quilt shops in May 2018. Put both on your wishlist! 

Holiday Wishes Collection

Frosty Friends 2-ply Flannel

Favorite Christmas Memory

My son, Kyle, moved to the Netherlands from 2011-2015 to get his PhD in Aerospace Science.  He was so many time zones ahead and seemed so far away.  We couldn’t wait for him to come home for Christmas each year, but especially that first year.  I decided to make several signs to hold and have everyone wear Christmas hats to the airport to pick him up.  There were many families there to pick up their loved ones, but no one was quite as excited as we were.  Before long the whole crowd at the airport waiting was anxious for us to be reunited with Kyle.  When my son turned the corner and saw us all there waiting his face lit up and he was smiling from ear to ear.  Everyone cheered and hugged . . . . . it was the best moment ever!
Jan Shade Beach and family welcome home her son, Kyle.

Day 6 Recipe - Salad

Holiday Wishes Free Patterns 

Holiday Wishes Quilt #1 (CLICK FOR PDF)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Henry Glass Designers' Progressive Dinner Party - Day 5 Mary Jane Carey

Meet Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs. She is a quilter, sewer and inexhaustible in her busy life of traveling and vending at quilt shows across the USA. Her holiday collection is "Ring in the Holly Days."

Ring in the Holly Days

Favorite Christmas Memories

Here I am on a horse, dressed up like a cowgirl

Curly perm for the holidays

Fell asleep at the Christmas party

Christmas in color!!

Got a kitten for Christmas

Day 5 - Main Dish Recipe

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Henry Glass Designers' Progressive Dinner Party - Day 4 Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin

Meet Stacy West, the creative entrepreneur and whirlwind brain behind Buttermilk Basin.
Stacy's seasonal collection is Buttermilk Basin's Pumpkin Farm, with cottons, wool and coordinating yarn-dyes. This collection will ship in April 2018.

Buttermilk Basin's Pumpkin Farm

Favorite Christmas Memory

I have many fond childhood memories of Christmas' up North in Minnesota.  One of my favorite memories as a child, was waking up on Christmas Day and looking out the window and seeing Santa's sleigh tracks & reindeer prints in the snow!  I could not believe it!  As a parent myself, I've enjoyed doing similar things for my two daughters while they were little!  Merry Christmas!

Day 4 - Side Dish

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Henry Glass Designers' Progressive Dinner Party - Day 3 Shelly Comiskey

Meet Shelly Comiskey, her design company is Simply Shelly Designs. She has had several popular collections that quilters love including Fluffy Bunny, I Still Love Snow 2, Dogs and Suds, and for this season "Chills and Thrills" which ships in April 2018. 

Chills and Thrills Glow in the Dark Collection

Favorite Christmas Memory

Christmas season of 2015,  it was about the first week of December, and I was decorating my house for the holidays with my daughter Casey. She would come back home for a couple weeks for the holidays each year as she lived and worked in another state. As far as mother and daughters go, I am so blessed that we are and always have been so close. These extended visits made the holidays even more special and fun for me.  It was an exciting time for us that year as she had recently gotten engaged. We were enjoying our night sipping some holiday cocktails and decorating my house when she slipped me my Christmas present a bit early.   Oh how fun I thought.   Well... this tiny little box had carried the biggest Christmas gift I have ever received.  Inside was a beautiful bracelet.  As I pulled it out I realized there was an inscription on the inside and it read... “Will you be my Maid of Honor?”   I was and still am so grateful that she had chosen me for this incredible honor.  
My daughter and truly my best friend.   Well this past April, 2017, the wedding was absolutely beautiful and a blast!  It was a perfect fairy tale beach wedding and this Maid of Honor, mom, and friend was truly humbled for such a gift.
Shelly and her daughter's wedding photo

Day 3 - Salad

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Henry Glass Designers' Progressive Dinner Party - Day 2 Janet Rae Nesbitt

Meet Janet Rae Nesbitt of One Sister Designs. 
This is her Christmas collection called "Believe" which ships in May.

Believe Collection

Favorite Christmas Memory

Both of my kids were, and still are, terrible snoops and package shakers!  When they were younger, they were always trying to discover either where I'd hidden the presents, or if the presents were wrapped and under the tree, they would do the heft and rattle test to try and figure out what was inside.  I still go to great lengths to try and fool them by putting boxes inside of boxes, or adding extra things to the boxes to make them heavier.  Some years I don't even put name tags on them- One will get red ribbon and one gets green and they don't know whose are whose until Christmas morning- it makes them crazy and keeps them guessing which is most of the fun!  Zack says his favorite memory was the year they received a rather large package that they had to share...I had wrapped the nintendo game system with my couch quilts and then put it all in a fabric box and wrapped it up.  As they unwrapped it and came to the fabric box, they were incredulous that I might have gotten them fabric "You got us fabric?" But then they opened the box: "Quilts! You got us quilts?" Worst Christmas ever.....until I finally talked them into being polite and looking at the quilts so they didn't hurt my feelings over such a thoughtful and time consuming gift, and finally they found the prize inside! Gotta ya! Can't wait to do it all again this year!  Here's hoping you all have fun and merry times with those you love this holiday season!

Day 2 Recipe - Soup 

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