Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Let's Get Quilting - 9 pc. Spirit of America Bundle by Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin

Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin is having her own Spirit of America Sew-Along over on the Buttermilk Basin website. This can put you in a great place to 'sew-along' if you were to win this weeks giveaway on our blog!

Here is the full collection, which is in quilt shops now.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Let's Get Quilting 2018 - Poppy Perfection 12 pc bundle by Jane Shasky

Poppy Perfection bundle is up on the giveaway platform this week! These beautiful poppies could be underneath your snow covered fields, just waiting for springtime to blossom. Or with your entry, they could be at your door next week. Better still you can visit your local quilt shop this month, as they are arriving soon at a quilt shop near you!

Come and pick up these lovely blooms in the collection called Poppy Perfection, designed by Jane Shasky of Jane Shasky Studios. Enter into this week's competition below.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Let's Get Quilting - 2018! 8 pc bundle from Botanica Blooms by Color Principle

This is the first fabric giveaway contest of 2018! It's a lovely collection called Botanica Blooms by Color Principle. This collection ships in February. This week we are giving away an 8 pc bundle of the blue fabrics.