Monday, February 24, 2014

Do You Use An eReader?

“Every eReader needs a cover!” by Brenda Miller

The ladies at Little Quilts sent along this photo of an eReader cover that is made out of their shirtings fabric. If you are interested in making one, contact Little Quilts.

They wrote:
"eReaders are so popular now and we love all the patterns available for making covers.   We especially like this cover because it’s made from a fat quarter bundle of Little Darlings II shirtings!"

Here's the inside of the case. It is a great design. You can dress it up anyway you like by using different fabrics or adding embroidery to the fabric before you start sewing up the case.

We're wondering how many of you have an eReader and do you use it in your quilting or sewing life? Do you like to have your pattern beside you as you sew? Do you use it to watch a program or to look at a pattern? 



Beth said...

I absolutely like to have a paper pattern beside me while I sew, whether it's a pattern I've purchased or one I've downloaded. (Speaking of which, it would be nice if these lovely, picture-laden tutorials also came with a simplified, text-heavy pdf for printing, so I can check off what I've cut, keep track of which step I'm on, and then refer back to my iPad or laptop for photos.)

I do use my iPad, and sometimes my MacBook, to remind myself of how something is done, as well as to watch a video or listen to a Podcast (on the pad).

Cute e-reader cover. I'd probably need to make manly and girly versions for our shared pad. Which is okay, too.

Anonymous said...

I don't have an e-reader of any kind. Can't say as I want one either. I prefer my books and patterns in paper form so that I can fold them up and easily move them around as needed. My daughter, who is a junior in college, has NOOK, but she uses it mainly to keep track of her very busy schedule.