Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Desire To Inspire - Early February Edition, Part 1

We have double the fun post this month for the Desire To Inspire Challenge. Two friends, Denise Mitchell and Debbie Rogowski were on our Facebook page and we thought it would be interesting to have a challenge between two friends. We sent them bundles of Flannel Essentials by The Buggy Barn and let them work on their own designs without seeing each other's progress.


Flannel Essentials by The Buggy Barn


The projects came together nicely and it was interesting to see how each one stepped up to the challenge. Today we'll start with Denise. Come back tomorrow to see Debbie's quilt.

Denise Mitchell

Where do you live?
Folsom, Ca

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My husband Robert and I have two daughters - Dianne and Dionne. We have a grand-dog Kennedy too!

How long have you been quilting? 
My husband bought my first quilting machine in 8-11-2003 and have been glued to it since and have acquired several machines since! LOL!!

What's your favorite technique? 
Paper piecing is my favorite technique

Who taught you how to quilt? 
Soon after we purchased my first machine I took a couple of classes and did a lot of reading.

Do you belong to any guilds? 
No. Just a small group of ladies that meet every now and then. Also, have some GREAT! Facebook friends that share ideas!

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
If there is a technique that you like looking at ,but afraid to try, just go for it! Give it a try! it might just be what you really enjoy!

Thank you Denise. We can't wait to see what Debbie made from the same fabric. 


Maggie Smith said...
I always make sure I measure 3 times before cutting. Boy have I made some major mistakes only measuring once!!! Thanks!

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Debbie Rogowski said...

Denise you made such a cute quilt. I know Bob is enjoying it. These fabrics are beautiful and so nice to work with.