Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh What Fun! Party - Day 4: What About You?

We are so impressed by your sleuthing skills! There was a little bit of work yesterday and we hope that you had fun looking through the collections! Today we are going to make you relax a little because we have an extra post today. We are going to post our next "Desire to Inspire" Challenge post separately from this one.

First, here's the deal about our party in case you missed it. We decided to have our Oh What Fun Party! Note: This is not a Facebook contest. Answer here on the blog and answers are primarily from the blog in order for everyone to participate. We will ask you questions March 21, 22, 25, 26 and 27th. [Start here at the first post. Continue on by clicking "blog party" on the right sidebar under labels.] Each day we will pick a random winner from the pool of people who answer correctly. You will win something fabulous from our stash room in NYC. [*Add: Answer these by midnight March 31, 2013 and we will announce all of the winners on April 1, 2013.]

Question #1: What is currently your favorite color for quilting fabrics?
Question #2: Do you have a favorite motif? Do you like chevrons, mustaches, dots, stripes, etc.?
Question #3: What's your favorite traditional quilt block?
Question #4: One word. Which word would describe the type of quilter you are?

Come back shortly. We are going to awe you with our challenger's project.



VickiT said...

Q1 purple
Q2 I do love chevrons. Mustaches? ACK I could do well not seeing another one the rest of my life. I do NOT get it. WHY?
Q3 Dresden is my absolute favorite.
Q4 Perfectionist

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Question #1: If I have to chose one it would be red, followed closely by yellow and green.
Question #2: I love flowers, but if you want something more graphic I guess my favorite would be dots.
Question #3: Sawtooth Star because you can do so much with the center.
Question #4: I am a traditional quilter. I seem to have a hard time with wonky. I like to look at them but I love to make traditional blocks.

Chris S said...

1. Red is my favorite
2. I am liking dots right now
3. I like the lemoyne star
4. All

Debi said...

1. Blue
2. Stripes
3. Traditional log cabin
4. Some traditional, but some modern, loving modern more.

klara said...

favorite color: red (very weird, because for clothes, I hate red
I lover fowers
favorite b;lock, There are a l;to, but I like storm at sea a lot
I am a traditional quilter

Lisa Marie said...

Question #1: Aqua...no, Lime...no, Yellow...I can't choose just one!
Question #2: I love dots and swirls of all types
Question #3: Log Cabin, either traditional or wonky
Question #4: Enthusiastic

Anjeanette said...

1. Right now I am in love with anything with yellow in it. I need some spring!
2. I love floral or damask.
3. Anything with a Star. Ohio Star was my favorite for a long time, but any star is good;)
4. Fun

JD said...

1. No favorite color. I like them all.
2. Chevrons, dots and stripes I love.
3. Nine patch, you can do so much with them depending one the fabrics and colors.
4. Procrastinator.

Jan said...

Question #1: Red
Question #2: Dots
Question #3: 9 patch
Question #4: Modern

Mimi said...

Q1. Blues
Q2. Swirls
Q3. Wonky Log Cabin
Q4. Creative

Lee said...

1. Navy
2. Geometric
3. log cabin
3. Artistic

JudyCinNC said...

1) Neutrals then any and all brights
2) Dots and Stripes
3) King's Crown Block - so versible
4) Avid quilter trying to shake off the perfection gene

Gale, Ky quilter said...

#1: Purple
#2: Chevrons & floral
#3: Log cabin block
#4: Happy :)

Linda said...



Pat S. said...

1: blue, only because I use it most often
2: hearts
3: square in a square block
4: quiltaholic

Thanks sew much for this chance to win :-D

BarbaraG said...

#1 Red (it will be different tomorrow)
#2 polka dots - in all sizes!
#3 the half square triangle because you can make anything else from it
#4 never the same thing twice!

Fiesta said...

Q1 orange tones
Q2 patchwork squares
Q3 appliqué
Q4 all types though I am leaning towards primitive

Brenda said...

Q1 red
Q2 I do like dots. I don;t think I have a favorite quilting motif
Q3 Dresden or anything with a star.
Q4 traditionalist

Cecilia said...

1. Aqua
2. Dots
3. Dresden Plate
4. Modern

WoolenSails said...

I tend to love tans or creams, since they go with all the other colors I love, I just love color.

I like the civil war paisleys.

I really like the X and + blocks from the civil war quilts.

I usually work with primitive and folk art quilts but I also love art quilting and want to experiment more with that.


Sandy D said...

2.I like dots
3.Swoon Block
4. Traditional

barb said...

1. I love all the beautiful neon colors. They sure make a quilt pop. My favorite color today is purple.
2. Tonals. They add movement to a quilt.
3. Nine patch. I dont know if hsts are considered traditional but i like them.
4. Ecclactic. I used to be a traditionalist, but now with the beautiful fabrics to choose from, it inspires me to try new and exciting waysto quilt.

Donna V. said...

Ql Anything with red in it.
Q2 I love damask, swirls and small prints.
Q3 Nine patch and the half square triangle interest me the most.
Q4 Learning

Barb said...

1: greens
2: leaves
3: churn dash
4: traditional

JoyceLM said...

#1: Green
#2: Polka dots
#3: Log cabin
#4: Obsessed

Christina said...

1. I love reds
2. chevrons
3. pinwheels
4. perfectionist

Sherry said...

1 All shades of blue
2 I love dots
3 Log Cabin
4 Beginner

Gill said...

Churn Dash

Karen in Breezy Point said...

1 I'm a true blue blue lover
2 Love dots!!
3 I think the churn dash is a classic but I'm hooked on hexies right now.
4 Anal--oops, perfectionist.

Judy1522 said...

1. My favorite color is blue.
2. Flowers
3. Stars
4. Slow (but learning)

Deb said...


Toye said...

Any sea colors

Florals, dots, stripes, gingham, and solids

Log cabin any variation


corinne said...

1 Brown
2 dots love them
3 pinwheels crazy for them
4 independent