Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Desire To Inspire [March 2013 Edition]: Toye Mason

Welcome to the March 2013 edition of  our "Desire To Inspire" Challenge. We found our next challenger on our Facebook wall when we asked if anyone had a photo of a finished project to show us. We didn't know much about her when she had posted an image of her beautiful finished project but after the interview we were wowed by her. These first two challengers have made us so very glad that we came up with this monthly event. They have each delivered and we are thoroughly impressed. Thank you!

Let's get started!

March 2013 Challenger: Toye Mason

Challenger: Toye Mason

Fabric: Sweet Land of Liberty by color Principal [See full line here.]

We sent Toye some Sweet Land of Liberty by Color Principal and she made this fabulous quilt!

The back is equally impressive!

HG:  Where do you live?
TM:  Friendswood, TX

HG: Tell us about your family.
TM:  I am married 13 years to my dear husband, James, who loves to go to the quilt shops with me and all the ladies at the shops get such a kick out of him. He drools over long arms, embroidery and sewing machines more than anyone I have ever seen (he says this keeps his man card because they are like power tools, lol).  I have a daughter, Kaylyn (22), who does not sew but wants me to make her everything, and a son, Michael (12).  I also have a stepson and daughter-in-law, Brad and Heather, and two grandchildren, Hannah 4 and Dalton 2.  

Toye and her beautiful family.

HG:  How long have you been quilting?
TM:  I just started about 9 months ago.  My first two quilts were rag quilts, which are so easy and fast to make.  I then made my first pieced quilt using the Best Wishes line.  I still have to actually quilt that one, its for my daughter. 

HG:  What's your favorite technique? 
TM:  I have recently discovered foundation paper piecing and love, love, love it!  I love the perfect straight seams and geometric shapes. 

HG: Who taught you how to quilt? 
TM:  I have taught myself to quilt by watching videos on the internet and blog tutorials.  I will come across a block or technique that interest me, and have to get right to trying it out.  I love to learn new things.

HG:  Do you belong to any guilds?  
TM:  I don't at this time as I would one full time job and another part time job.  I hope to be able to join one soon.

HG: Anything else you would like to share with our readers? 
TM:  I just want to say thanks for inviting me to join this challenge and your readers are welcome to visit me anytime at my blog, www.quiltingadventuresofaginger.blogspot.com 
Thanks again.

HG: Thank you for your amazing designs and we loved meeting you!

Please pop over to Toye's blog and give her some love! Let us know what kind of questions you'd like us to ask the challengers. We know that we are going to ask future challengers what the most difficult part of the process was. We have another challenger coming up at the end of April. Come back soon!



Anjeanette said...

How fun! I love that line too! Great job Toye

A Plain Path said...

Beautiful Quilt!!

Jill Finley said...

Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us, Toye. It was great to hear about your quilting adventures and see your projects! Keep on using that Henry Glass fabric! (I'm not biased a bit!)

Toye said...

Thanks again. This was so fun.