Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Henry Glass Cares - Our Donation Has Reached Around the World

On February 13th, some very special girls in Uganda received the "Jesus Loves Me" pillowcases that these lovely "Sewing Angels"  made just for them with fabric donated by Henry Glass. These gals from the Bloomingdale, Ohio area get together regularly at the Eastern Gateway Community College in Steubenville, and will do so again in the near future to make even more pillowcases! They have made over 7500 pillowcases to serve a need around the world. The Sewing Angels are lead by Mary J. Albaugh of Amazing Grace Pillowcase (AGPillowcase).

If your group has used some Henry Glass donated fabric for community or international pillowcases or gifts, please let us know!

Here below is their story: 

"Jesus planted a seed near so it could spread far!" 

You just do NOT change God's story! 

Terra and I , two women that started two local non-profits, ours AGPillowcase and her's www.91four.org met at Two Ridge Presbyterian Church as they were having their mission day.  We talked for a while and then Terra told me her story about her girls in Uganda, they had beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows and that is when Tom and I both stopped her and asked "what about special pillowcases?" She said "no". Well need I say more? 

Special Pillowcases

Terra told me that they have been learning about the real meaning of Christ, and said "what about a pillowcase that says " Jesus Loves Me embroidered on them? We said "Yes we can do that!" Without even knowing how and where we were going to do this! God had it all planned out! I came home called a sewing angel and it was going to be quite an undertaking to embroider all of them, so she said "What about a fabric manufacture  that would have "Jesus Loves Me" fabric?"

Jesus Loves Me Fabric 

I immediately googled "Jesus Loves Me" 
fabric and low and behold I find www.henryglassfabrics.com from New York, which has their own line of "Jesus Loves Me" fabric! I thought  "what do I have to lose?" 

I picked up the phone and I talked to an amazing women named Karen and I told her the whole story and with  NO questions asked she said "We will send you 3 bolts of this fabric and we would like to do a national story on this! WOW!

Delivery to Uganda 

I was in tears then and I am in tears now! So here we go I am handing over the completed pillowcases to Terra! As we speak they are on their way to their destination for very deserving girls! Yes, there is going to be a local story in our paper and a national story by the fabric manufacture, but that is not the highlight of this story! 

Jesus loves us all!

As I have said so many times, when women bond amazing things happen and no gift is too small! We at AGPillowcase truly believe that it is 'NOT just a Pillowcase, it is a ACT of LOVE and a SYMBOL of HOPE' and in this case Jesus's Love!


Pictured below is Terra Rogers of  www.91four.org and Mary J. Albaugh of Amazing Grace Pillowcases. 

And here are the delightful faces of the recipients of the Jesus Loves Me pillowcases in Uganda's capital city of Kampala.  

The 91four mission is to provide refuge, hope and empowerment for at-risk adolescent girls who would otherwise be living in the slums and streets of the capital. The charity houses 25 girls and provides them with vocational training. 

We are very happy to see this "Jesus Loves Me" fabric serve these girls so well and with such love from the women who made these pillowcases for the girls. 


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So great project!

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This is just such a fantastic way to spread Jesus' love!

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Very very nice....

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What a wonderful service! Thanks for sharing it. :-)