Friday, February 19, 2016

Some of the best things happen at QuiltCon

Oh to be in Pasadena this weekend! Full of envy that a bunch of cool, hip and immensely talented quilters are there having a great time, and seeing very cool work. 

Here is the latest from QuiltCon today, Best of Show has been awarded to Melissa Averinos for her touching and beautiful quilt created in memory of her brother who committed suicide in 2009. Her description in her own words:

"The denim in this quilt is from my brother Michael's work jeans, which I rescued from the dumpster after his suicide in 2009. I improvisationally pieced the crosses, which resemble a variation on the traditional nine patch. The pale ground includes subtle gold and white crosses. Grid quilting creates echoes of the cross motif, as well as references my brother's work as a tile installer. I tucked vintage gold ribbon behind some of the tears in the denim. This quilt was a joy to work on, as I love worn materials and find beauty in forgotten and discarded things."

My Brother’s Jeans
Pieced & quilted by Melissa Averinos
Individual Member
84” x 91”

Here are a couple other outstanding highlights, the winner of the Quilting Excellence Award.

The Other Side
Pieced & quilted by Carson Converse
Northampton MQG
59” x 57”

Here is first place in Applique category:

Pieced & quilted by
Katherine Jones
Tasmanian MQG
84” x 60”

Here is first place award winner for Modern Traditionalism.
Whimsical LogsPieced by Letitia Chung
Machine quilted by Laurie Grant
Sashiko by Letitia Chung
Individual Member
66” x 67”

Go see all the great winners for yourself on the Modern Quilt Guild blog, and a warm Congratulations to the winners! 

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