Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Six Awesome Fabric Storage Ideas - (just in time - so you can go get more fabric)

Time to clean up that stash and make your fabric storage tidy (because when it looks like we have less fabric, we know we need to go get more). So here are a few fabric storage ideas curated from Pinterest, just in case you are to busy sewing to get over there and take a look yourselves.

The link is below each picture if you want to see the source. 

Love the tension rods, and the neat folds of fabric. 

How about an inexpensive cutting table made with 4 - 9 cube organizers. Can be topped off with a couple of hollow core doors too! Credit goes to GeorgiaPeachez on Pinterest but the link is broken.

Of course we like to display the riches of those fabrics too! Grab that old baby crib and use the rails! 

Not collecting plates anymore, just fabric? Check this out. This is totally how to do it.

And of course, you can file your fabric under F in your filing cabinet.

And finally, you can take your kids science project foam core boards, and cut into squares to make your own mini bolts.

What new ideas do you have to store even more fabric??  

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