Monday, June 2, 2014

Desire To Inspire: May 2014 Edition

Good morning! Happy Monday. Can you believe that it is June already? Summer is well on its way. Did you sew any year-end presents for the teachers? We welcome any photos of projects that you have made from Henry Glass fabric on our Facebook page.

We have heard from the winner of Day 4 from our giveaway. The other winners will have until midnight this Wednesday to claim their prizes or else we will draw new names. You can check this blog post to see if your name was pulled for a prize. Thanks.

Things around here are getting back to normal though thoughts toward Fall Quilt Market are forming. We will continue with our Quilt Market photos this week but meanwhile we're going to share the May 2014 Desire To Inspire challenger project.

This month we sent a bundle of "Sugar And Spice" by Dana Brooks of My Lazy Daisy to our challenger. Adorable sweet treats such as tea pots, hats and tea cups are illustrated on the prints along with the typical fun colorful animal skin prints that Dana likes to include in her collections.

Let's meet this month's challenger! Her name is Julie Higginson and she has made a beautiful quilt from this collection.

Where do you live?
Athems, IL is our mailing address. However we actually live in a tiny village called Fancy Prairie. [not kiddin! LOL]

Married for nearly 23 years. We have two children and two grandchildren.

How long have you been quilting?  
I've been quilting for 22 years.

What's your favorite technique?  
Machine applique.

Who taught you how to quilt?  
Self-taught.  I've never been in a sewing/quilting class or on a quilting retreat.  My hubby is handicapped so I stick pretty close to home to care for him.

Do you belong to any guilds?  
While I don't attend any bricks and mortar guilds, I do belong to an internet group of quilters on YahooGroups.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?  
I used to do a lot of custom quilting but stopped years ago because it is not cost effective. For about the past ten years nearly all my quilts have been donated to fundraiser events. The most amount of money one of my quilts raised was $3200.00 a couple years ago for friends trying to adopt a little girl.  Making and donating quilts is much more fulfilling to me than selling them ever was.  I figure that as long as the Lord continues to provide the supplies, I will keep making and donating quilts.   (I do make and give one as an occasional gift now and then, like for a wedding or shower gift.)

Thank you Julie for sharing your gorgeous Desire To Inspire project with us! If you are interested in being a challenger send us an e-mail with ONE photograph that shows off your skills the best. We will look at all submissions and anyone is eligible to be chosen.


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Jean said...

Beautiful quilt Julie!