Monday, September 9, 2013

Desire To Inspire - Early September Edition

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We are loving what our fans have been sewing up with our fabrics for this monthly. We are going through your entries for the next batch of challengers. Don't worry, we will get to all of you at some point. Although we have received many submissions, we will always encourage you to step forward and to send us yours. We are looking for new and advanced quilters who are interested in a challenge.

We want to show you Desire To Inspire project for August. The original August challenger was delayed and Donna Giordano stepped up to the challenge.  Thank you Donna!

We sent Donna some You Whoo! fabric by Shelly Comiskey and she made a simple but delightful quilt. If you noticed, Donna's quilt is a variation of our July Desire To Inspire challenge project. We had sent the fabrics to our July challenger and then we thought that it would be fun to see the same project in a different fabric range. This is where Donna stepped in and she showed us how fun it is to use a different fabric range with the pattern. This adorable line is printed in a blue colorway and a pink colorway. You can see the entire You Whoo! line on our website here.

HG:  Name?
DG:  Donna Giordano

HG:  Where do you live?
DG:   New Jersey

HG:  Family?
DG:  I have a husband and three sons, a daughter-in-law, and one soon-to-be grandson (we are waiting for his arrival at any moment!)

HG:Does anyone else in your family sew or quilt?
DG:  My Mom started quilting about 30 years ago and always wanted to teach me,  but it was difficult since she lived in South Carolina and I live in New Jersey.  Plus I was busy raising my kids and working.  Once the kids got older and I had more time, I starting learning.  Then once the bug bit me, I never looked back.  My Mom moved back to New Jersey recently so we do enjoy fabric shopping together.

HG:  Who taught you how to quilt?
DG:  Although my Mom inspired me, she lived too far way to actually teach me.  My friend’s sister Linda invited me to her house where some friends meet each week to quilt and that’s where I learned. She is a great mentor and friend.

HG:  Do you have a favorite tv show or favorite music to listen to when you sew? 
DG:  I usually have the TV tuned into HGTV in my sewing room.

HG:  Do you below to a guild?
DG:  Yes, but an unofficial guild.  Our group meets once a week.  We inspire and support each other.  Sometimes we do group projects and we love our road trips.  We are all excited about our upcoming  trip to the Quilt Extravaganza in Oaks, PA.   By the time our trip ends, our car is filled, our pocketbooks are empty and our faces hurt from laughing so much.

HG:  Which technique do you like to do? Applique? Piecing?
DG:  I love looking at all  the fabrics and patterns.  I do enjoy doing applique and piecing, and finding patterns that look complicated, but go together easily.  My least favorite is hand sewing.

HG:  Any special tip that you would like to share?
DG:  Find a good group of friends that also enjoy your quilting passion. 

HG:  Which technique would you like to learn?
I would love to do a Dresden plate, but haven’t tackled it yet.

HG:  Favorite color to work with?
DG:  I love all bright colors – yellow, orange and bright pinks are my favorites. 

HG:  One word to describe your style [quilt projects]. Contemporary, country, etc.
DG:  This is a hard one – I would say a little of everything (even though that’s more than one word).

HG:  Anything else you’d like to add?
DG:  I just want to thank my Mom for  her love and support and my great quilting friends  – Linda, Karen, Barbara, MaryBeth, Rina and Elaine.  A few years ago, they welcomed me into their group and have become truly great friends.

HG:  Thank you for the fabulous project and interview. We love to read about our fans. Have fun at the quilt show with your friends.

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WoolenSails said...

I love all the new kid's fabrics, they are so cute and fun to work with.


Debbie Rogowski said...

adorable little quilt