Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party Hints I

Has it been tough to guess these baby photographs? Ok, except for Linda Lum  DeBono's photo, the rest were tough. If you looked closely though, there were some little things that could give you a hint.

Thanks to the fabulous designers for writing some great posts and for designing some awesome patterns! There are a few giveaways on their blogs. Please read through all of the posts. You can find the links on this post. Once you have collected all of your guesses, please forward them to by November 25 at midnight. Good luck!

Today you are here to get some hints. Here is The Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party Hints Post Part I! The hints are taken from the designers' posts for The Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party. 

Designer #1
We wonder if she shared her cookies and particularly the frosting with her brother.

Designer #2
Don't forget to say happy birthday to her in December!

Designer #3
She is going to have an extra special Christmas this year! 
It is going to be a start of some new traditions and new favorites. 

Designer #4
Santa's visit is so fun and Aunt Judy loves it too!

Designer #5
You look like an angel!

Designer #6
We wonder if she's going to sew us a little pillow. 
Do we qualify as her "quilting" friends?

We hope that these clues help you ... or not. They may confuse you even more. Well, get busy! There are 17 photos in all.

Good luck! 


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