Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bev Proulx- HG designer....blogs for us!

I am ready for tropical prints and Hawaiian muu-muus! We had four days with below zero temperatures last week, and I am ready to change my quilting plans, that is for sure! Something in winter sets our design plans toward a cheeryspring. I taught two four-hour color confidence seminars last week during the cold. The quilters were so happy to discover that the warmth of red added so much pizzazz to their color choices. The sun reflected off the snow through large windows at the shop, and the lights changed everyone's perceptions regarding color. One of the most interesting of their discoveries is that they can indeed use 1930s reproductions and create a light-medium-dark palette for a quilt of many fabrics. What a pleasure it was for me to watch their color growth as each hour passed!

I do find myself wishing I was heading off to warmer climes forjust a few days. I know, however, many other quilters are housebound in these times and looking for new and exciting quilting and fabric ideas. As we spend a little money at several shops, let us select fabrics that excite our possibilities as we plan our future quilting efforts! Let us support our shops that provide us with the wonderful creativity we all need! I am eager to finalize my next line for Henry Glass & Co. We should have it in the pipeline soon. I will keep you posted as things progress. I know you will love the new novelty and floral prints! Meanwhile, keep quilting and using my Henry Glass fabrics. Happy New Year! Bev Proulx
To see Bev's current line Pocketful of Posies (Authentic Prints from the 1930's) go to She will have a new line Posies Galore coming out soon! Stay tuned for a preview....
Happy Quilting!!

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