Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Debbie Taylor-Kerman previews her new Christmas Line

Hi there, As everyone is now getting well into the Holiday Groove, I’m about to embark on packing up our home – we’re moving on December 21st (yes I know it’s crazy.) But I wanted my kids to be in our new home for Christmas – we’ve been renovating our place for two years!!!
(Debbie with Jules & Eli)
Fortunately I’m a bit of a maniac when it comes to unpacking and I’m already spilling over with ideas on how to bring the magic of Christmas to our new home – especially what to do with the fabric from my “Tis the Season” collection and from my new, soon to be released collection, “Winter Wonderland”. I’m so excited about this new collection - there’s dancing penguins, frolicking polar bears, city skaters and Santa and his elves delivering gifts in assorted trucks and cars, as well as some fabulous bold co-ordinating stripes and dots.

I know there’s going to be limits on my time, but I’d be so thrilled if I managed to have Santa and his helpers delivering presents draped on the windows as makeshift curtains as Jules first opens his eyes on Christmas morning and cover Eli’s bed with the city skaters, as he dreams of skating in Central Park this coming winter. Who knows, I may only manage to wrap the gifts and decorate the tree, and that will be okay too, because I’m so fortunate that my home is filled with so much love, excitement, joy and Christmas spirit, and that’s all that really matters. And you know what - there’s always next year……….

Have a joy filled, love filled and peace filled Holiday everyone!

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Dawn said...

Love the skaters! Too cute...