Monday, December 1, 2008

Barbara Jones Update- Bubblegum Basics Are In!

Barbara Jones writes for HG BLOG... "The strike offs of Bubblegum Basics have all arrived! Most of you know that strike-offs are little test samples for each fabric in a collection that the textile mill prepares. The textile mill sends strike-offs to the design director (in my case it is Karen see her in our market photos) at the fabric company (Henry Glass & Co). This person looks the fabric over carefully to be certain there are no problems with the printing and they send a set of strike-offs back to the designer (me) for review. It is always an exciting time because this is the first time I see the designs on actual fabric! There can be some surprises and sometimes there are minor changes that need to be made before the mill makes oodles of yards of a particular design".

"Bubblegum Basics has a really cute hanky panel included in the line. They aren't really hankies but that panel reminds me of them. We have 7 1/2" pre-printed squares with sayings for today's teen girls (and their moms and grandmas) like "Oh my Gosh", "Laugh out Loud", etc. (read these with a valley girl totally, you know!) Our Mall Doll quilt pattern (free with purchase of the fabric) uses these squares in a quick and easy quilt pattern designed for "hip chicks!"More on the fabric on the next post..." If you can't wait till then, you can see them all online at Henry Glass & Company at


Peddlecar Quilts said...

Oh, I love this line. I sure would like to design a quilt from that line!!!! Hint hint!!! It is adorable fabric. I want to buy some as soon as I can find it!!!

Dawn said...

Too cute!

Emily said...

desperately looking for the white fabric with 2-3 inch flowers used for the border in the bubblegum fun quilt. I need 1 yard and will take all I can get. Any help?