Friday, January 27, 2017

Holiday Traditions #6541-98 REPRINTED due to popular demand!

We interrupt your blog reading experience to bring you this important announcement: The MOST POPULAR fabric design of 2016, is being re-printed in a LIMITED run. 

If you are one of those fans who called, wrote, or e-mailed us to ask for this fabric, only to find that it was sold out... now is your chance to have it! 

We have an open window for quilt shops to place their commitment for this fabric until February 28. Then, that's it. So call your local quilt shop and request this pattern #6541-98 from Holiday Traditions by Jan Shade Beach before February 28. The fabric will ship in May. 

Last year, Joanne Hubbard was selected as our Desire to Inspire Challenger and here are some pictures of her projects using this fabric from the line.

Take action as soon as possible! You don't want another opportunity to pass you by!  


Christine S said...

Yay!!! This fabric is so wonderful! :)

jec said...

i LOVE this fabric....thank you

Joanne said...

I am so excited that this is being reprinted. I'm going to have to get a bolt of it because I've had so many people ask for me to use it in projects for them. :-)