Thursday, November 12, 2015

Little Quilts

Mary Ellen Von Holt of Little Quilts is retiring. She is dynamic and is always on the go so we are sure that she'll always be working on something fun. Mary Ellen says that she is not retiring completely though. She is still going to design fabric and write books. For now she is clearing her inventory and selling models. Follow her journey on her Facebook page as she winds down the last few weeks at the shop.

Mary Ellen, Alice Berg and Sylvia Johnson started designing and writing books in 1986 and opened the retail shop in 1998. They started out selling Little Quilts fabrics but soon branched out into selling reproductions, homespun and batiks. More recently their product line has included red work, wool rug and applique in addition to their original offerings. Mary Ellen's team also put on many classes that inspired quilters and sewers alike.

We want to send best wishes to Mary Ellen, her family and Little Quilts family. Stay tuned to see what Mary Ellen designs for Henry Glass in the future. Visit the Henry Glass website to see her latest collection Roswell Mills and read all about Mary Ellen and Little Quilts.  The following is a video of a Henry Glass Schoolhouse presentation of the Little Quilts collection, Roswell Mills.

- HG

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