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Holiday Happenings: Jan Shade Beach

We have a special guest today on the blog but before we get to the interview, we have a little giveaway business to announce. Congratulations to Podunk Pretties. We will be contacting you shortly for your contact information.

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I love to make scrappy quilts but the occasional 2 or 3 fabric quilt is nice for a quicky.
November 23, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Today, designer and illustrator, Jan Shade Beach is visiting the blog with some holiday stories. She is the talented designer behind the very successful "Holiday Frost" collection. She followed up with the "Holiday Cheer" and "Winter Frost" collections. Now, she has designed the "Holiday Magic" range which will be available next year.

HG:  Hi Jan. Thanks for spending a few moments with us during this busy time. We wanted to see what you've been up to and to find out about some of your holiday traditions.
JSB:  Thanks! I just finished the follow-up line to "Holiday Frost" and "Holiday Cheer”.  It’s called “Holiday Magic” and will debut next year.

HG:  What is the best part about the holidays for you?
JSB:  My favorite part about the holidays is having the whole family here.  We have so much fun together.  Several years ago we wanted to come up with a game that people of all ages could play together after Christmas dinner.  We decided on “Bingo”.  I had all kinds of prizes ranging from lottery tickets, fun Christmas hats, gift cards, to a rubber chicken.  It was such a hit that it’s become a tradition.  The winner of the rubber chicken has to get their picture taken with it, sign it and then give it back to be used again next year. (See a few pics of past winners)

My mom was the first to win the rubber chicken.

My Dad won it a couple of years later.

My daughter Shannon was also a winner.

Another holiday tradition is that I hand-paint a nutcracker for my son Kyle every year.

One of my absolute favorites of the holiday season is Christmas cookies!  I love to bake them and I love to eat them!

HG: We think that we know this answer but ... what are your favorite holiday colors?
JSB:  My favorite holiday colors are red and white.  I like the clean crisp contrast of the two colors.  I like the trending red, charcoal and ivory color combination right now.

HG:  Are you going to make anything this year for gifts? Have you started yet?
JSB:  I am also a photographer and well versed on PhotoShop, so I have plans to make everyone special gifts involving photos.  Have I started yet?  Of course not!  lol [HG: In Jan's defense, this interview happened a short while ago. We are sure that she has started].

HG:  Are you an early or late shopper?
JSB:  I shop all year during my travels and put things away for Christmas.  I’m always surprised at what I have collected when it comes time to wrap the gifts.

HG: Do you have any fun news that you'd like to share?
JSB:  I was asked to speak at various Quild Guilds in Tennessee and Alabama this year.  It was wonderful getting to meet so many talented and creative quilters.

I am proud to say that I have been introduced to the women that head up two worth charities for the state of Alabama:  "The Linus Project" (blankets/quilts for sick children) and “Quilts of Valor” (for veterans and wounded warriors).  I have donated 100 yards of fabric to both charities this year and hope to be more involved this coming year.

Attached is a recent photo of myself taken in August on the top of Mt. Pilatus in Lucerne, Switzerland. 

HG: What a gorgeous photograph. Thanks for joining us on the blog. We look forward to seeing your new collection.

Come back soon. Jan shared some of her mom's beautiful miniature quilts. They are gorgeous!

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