Friday, July 19, 2013

Heatwave In NYC

It has been very hot here in NYC. The heatwave is going to end this summer. Our talented licensed designer/illustrator, Beth Logan of ArtStuff Ltd. told us that she has been having a lovely summer and sent us some gorgeous photographs of her summer in the northwest. She has the perfect backdrop for inspiration.

"It's been gorgeous here in the pacific northwest but I'm getting sort of a late start on summer festivities this year, I'm afraid it's started to pass me by while I've been busy with long days inside my studio. 
My favorite place to go is our cabin out on the coast and we haven't been out there yet this year -  hoping that changes very soon. But even when we can't get out of the city, it's fun to be a tourist in Seattle and enjoy sunny days on the waterfront. But when it all comes down to it - my heart's
desire is pretty much here in my own backyard and it's just heaven for me, after a day of weeding and digging in the garden, to just lie on my back in the grass and watch the birds and bugs overhead in the trees, and that's what I miss most during the cold, wet months and look forward to the rest of

the year."

Thanks, Beth. You can see how nature is a source of inspiration in her illustrations. One current line, Snow Babies, features lots of critters and textures from nature.

You can see the entire line on our website. Beth's blog is full of fun. Be sure to visit her there.
Have a great weekend!


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