Friday, June 7, 2013

Beth Logan at Surtex

Illustrator and designer Beth Logan exhibited at Surtex in NYC recently. She sent a note along and a couple of fun photographs.

"So I had this genius (rolls eyes) idea 3 days before the show that I would sew myself circle skirts for all 3 days from my own fabric (a challenge to find my own prints that match shoes I already have). I thought "how hard can that be?" You may or may not remember from my blog-hop post that my sewing skills are, well, "skills" is a kind term. I rely heavily on seam-ripping and profanity. And with these, I relied on the fact that people would be focused on my art (hopefully) and not notice the weird and crooked details
of my skirts.

Anyway - here I am in 2 of the 3 (these 2 actually had my very first zippers in them - don't look too close) and another treat, I got to finally meet Jacquelynne Steves."

Looks like you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing!


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Jan Baker said...

I think th circle skirts are a good look for you. Very impressed with your zipper skills