Monday, February 7, 2011

HG Designer Kim Diehl blogs for US!

A warm and sunny hello to you!

While many of us are living under a blanket of snow and hibernating in our sewing rooms, what better way to console ourselves than with a rainbow of beautiful fabrics that remind us of spring? My “Winsome” collection has arrived (yay!), and I’ve wasted no time at all in ripping open the box, grabbing my rotary cutter, and diving into these colorful prints.
I really enjoy designing the project for each new fabric collection, and this Winsome lap quilt was especially fun because it just feels…happy. And if I can’t be outdoors in my real garden, the next best thing is piecing and appliquéing my very own indoor garden – beautiful sky blues, rosy pinks, apple greens, and sparkling reds…this wonderful palette makes me feel like spring has already sprung.

And of all the quilts I make, my very favorite designs are those that feature scraps. With this in mind, my goal for each of my collections is to achieve finished fabrics that will blend well with my existing stash of quilting prints. So of course the first thing I did was take these perfectly good fabrics, cut them up into bits and pieces, and then sew them all back together again with the other prints I have on hand – and I couldn’t be happier with the results…success! What a perfect blend of “old and new” because the designs are rooted in tradition, but the colors given them a fresh and modern feel.

I hope that you enjoy these Winsome prints as well, and that they inspire you to cut up some perfectly good fabric of your own and create something that makes your heart happy.

Kim ~
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corinne said...

I like the quilt, the colors are pretty. I cannot see the fabric print, but the quilt pattern is great

Tapping Solution DVD said...

Those quilts looks lovely!

lovetostitch said...

Can't see the quilt up close but really like the combo of the colors together!!! Looks fresh!

Avon said...

I would love to be entered in your drawing for the quilt soup fabric. It is perfect for spring and I love the cherries.

Avon said...

Sorry I left my comment on the wrong link. However I do love you new quilt. I have all your book and love your work.

Hope you keep writing patters a long time. I think I love that you combine applique and patches.