Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heather Mulder Peterson writes about her NEW fabric line Artful Home.

That's a really clever title, isn't it? I always struggle with naming things
and blog titles are no exception. Oh well, not my gift!
Getting to the point, I had a fun package arrive from overseas. This was inside...My sample yardage of Artful Home has arrived!

That means the line has been printed and has been stashed on a boat to make its journey to the US. Before it is trapped on that boat for 2 months, 5 yards are sent ahead to me, so I can start making some projects. That way they are ready when the yardage arrives in Quilt Shops.

I cant wait to get started planning and cutting.
In fact, I am so anxious to get to work that I am going to forgo talking, (or in this case, typing) and just show a few pictures.

Next time I talk to you this stack may look different! Hopefully it will look more like a quilt or two. Or maybe Three or Four...

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